We have drains!

While thankful for our gorgeous new white solid surface counters, I was a bit stressed while we struggled without a sink for a few days. But luckily, Lance was able to solve the plumbing puzzle and we were up and running in short time. We had already removed our old sink before the installers showed, but they also undid our garbage disposal and dishwasher hook-up during their hour in our house. So we had to start from scratch with the plumbing. Unfortunately, the new holes in the sink didn’t match where the old holes were. Long story short, we ended up needing a new garbage disposal and a few new pieces of pipe to make everything work. After a little testing and patching of some leaks, we ended up with a working dishwasher, garbage disposal, faucet, and drain. Oh happy day.


Here’s the view looking into the corner.


Another shot of the sink. I’m loving the undermount and the extra space that comes with it.


Next up, floor installation and backsplash.


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