Christmas Fun

We’re all recovering from a fun and busy few days over here!

This month has had some fun activities at home leading up to the big day. We started a Christmas Countdown calendar on December 1st that had 24 days of activities…everything from “make reindeer food” to “bring a treat to a neighbor” to “watch a Christmas movie”. Bella loved opening up her surprise each day!

We found a $25 tree at Home Depot on Thanksgiving weekend and let her decorate it all by herself.

IMG_3681 IMG_3682

She loved making her first gingerbread house.

IMG_7171 IMG_3709

I (bravely) took both girls to Chick Fil A for a free breakfast with Santa Cow. That outing may have ended with spilled orange juice, spilled milk, and Brynn somehow peeing through her diaper onto me.


She also absolutely loved lighting the Hannukah candles this year and singing along with mommy.


And generally just being a goofball when she found our old stockings.


This was the first year that Bella sort of understood what was going on with the holidays. We talked up Santa (or to her…Canta Sauce) and she went from being super scared of him, to jumping right on his lap when she met him for the first time at daycare.


Brynn with daycare Santa

Brynn with daycare Santa

Bella with daycare Santa

Bella with daycare Santa

Both girls with Bass Pro Shops Santa and Mrs. Clause

Both girls with Bass Pro Shops Santa and Mrs. Clause

Lance’s mom and stepdad arrived on Christmas Eve afternoon, and my mom and stepdad arrived Christmas Day afternoon, so we’ve had tons of family time at home. The weather has been unseasonably warm, so there has been a lot of outdoor playtime as well.

The holidays themselves are very low key for us since we don’t have any local family to visit. On Christmas Eve, we continued our homemade pizza tradition. On Christmas morning, we persuaded Bella to eat breakfast before opening her presents. Lance made us all reindeer pancakes. That was followed by over an hour of present-opening. Bella then needed a break from opening presents since she had been opening everyone’s presents. So we played for a while, ate dinner, and then finished opening them up before bedtime.

Christmas Eve photoshoot!

Christmas Eve photoshoot!

Our third annual Christmas Eve pizza night!

Our third annual Christmas Eve pizza night!

When your almost-3-year-old is in charge of what Santa gets

When your almost-3-year-old is in charge of what Santa gets

Reindeer pancakes Christmas morning

Reindeer pancakes Christmas morning

Christmas jammies!

Christmas jammies!



Brynn wasn't so impressed with her 3 toys

Brynn wasn’t so impressed with her 3 toys

IMG_3860 IMG_3852 IMG_3872 IMG_3869

We followed up our wonderful family-filled Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with a birthday party on Saturday and Bella’s first trip ice skating on Sunday. So much fun to get out and get active after those lazy days at home. Love getting to spend all of this time with our family.

IMG_7368 IMG_7373

So much fun at the Museum of Life & Science on a very warm day!

So much fun at the Museum of Life & Science on a very warm day!



Brynn: 7 months

Hope everyone had a great time over the holidays! We have been enjoying this ridiculously mild weather and have been spending a ton of time outside over the break. A holiday recap is coming, but for now, Brynn is 7 months old!

7 months

SLEEP: We have been in a pretty good sleep groove this month. She goes to sleep between 7 and 7:30 pm and for the most part, wakes between 6 and 7. Some nights she’ll wake up before 6, but we’ve pretty much been at one wake-up per night this whole month, and she’ll usually go back to sleep for a little bit. Napping on the other hand, has been a bit more challenging. At daycare, she is generally napping less than an hour per day. Some days, she will only take one 30 minute nap there. I’m not sure if it is the noise that distracts her there or what, but this month they’ve had a ton of trouble getting her to nap. Her teachers aren’t too worried because they just tell me that she is “too busy playing” to want to sleep. Now at home over the past few days, she has napped just fine for the most part – so I’m trying not to be too concerned. Overall, we’re pretty happy to have another good sleeper on our hands thus far *knocks on all of the wood*.

not sleeping...but cute!

not sleeping…but cute!

EATING: Brynn is still doing great with nursing and bottles. She can hold the bottle on her own now and apparently sucks down her 4 oz in like 5 minutes. My pumping amounts are still declining, but I do an extra pump before I go to bed that helps bridge the gap between what I pump and what she needs. The real problem is when I travel, but with only 5 months until she can start getting whole milk, I think we’ll be able to make it. She is also FINALLY starting to eat her solids. She is definitely a bit picky, but she’ll now eat oatmeal mixed with applesauce, plain applesauce, and sweet potato. Occasionally she’ll eat banana, but I can only get in a few spoonfuls of carrot and squash. We’re going to try peas this week and maybe pear? I also put a container of puffs in her stocking and she was able to sort of get a few in her mouth. Mainly if I hold them in my hand, she will actually pull my whole hand towards her mouth rather than grab them out. Silly girl!

eating is more fun when being held!

eating is more fun when being held!

sitting in a high chair for the first time

sitting in a high chair for the first time

LANGUAGE: I’d been feeling like Brynn was slow to verbalize, then suddenly in the past few days she has a lot to say. A lot of “dah dah dah” sounds mostly, but just generally a lot more noise coming out of her mouth. I’ve been so in love with toddler language that I forgot how cute first baby babbles are.

TEETH: I hadn’t really thought at all about her teeth coming in since she hasn’t really shown any signs, but today I noticed that both of her bottom two are poking through! They aren’t fully out but they’ve at least cracked the gum line. We’ll see if the grumpiness follows but I’m hoping that maybe we got lucky and they didn’t bother her!

GROSS MOTOR: Her sitting has gotten really strong! No more toppling over and she can sit for as long as she wants. She hasn’t really shown any desire to crawl, although she can spin in 360 degree circles with ease. She also loves to bear weight on her legs.

look at me sit!

look at me sit!

look at me stand!

look at me stand!

welp...time to give away the rock and play

welp…time to give away the rock and play

FAVORITES: Sticking everything in her mouth. Laughing with her mouth super wide open. Being held (especially by mommy). Watching everything Bella does. Spending time in the ergo.

riding in the ergo is the best!

riding in the ergo is the best!

everything in the mouth

everything in the mouth

toes are delicious!

toes are delicious!

more sister love!

loves her sister

she loves her sister!

more sister love!

With Thanksgiving and Christmas falling in this past month, time absolutely flew by. Hard to believe we are on the backside of her first year now. Can’t wait to see what excitement this next month brings.

Halloween 2015

Is it really December?

I think I missed Halloween.

Bella loved it so much! She walked around with the neighbor kids for almost two full hours. She also may have had 5 lollipops while walking around. Brynn was not really a fan. I really thought she would just sleep in the stroller but she was having none of it, so I ended up taking her home to bed while Lance finished walking around with Bella and the neighbors.

Bella wanted to be “five monkeys” for Halloween, after her favorite book. So all four of us dressed up like monkeys and we benefited from the fact that she isn’t great at counting yet.


Brynn and her school teachers


Brynn and her teachers


the best we could get at a family photo

And a look back at Bella through the years on Halloween.



2013 (10 months old)

2013 (10 months old)


2014 (1 year and 10 months old)


2015 (2 years and 10 months old)

And I guess while I’m catching up on old photos, I might as well include the rest of our fall fun!

IMG_3304 IMG_3348 IMG_3339 IMG_3355 IMG_3354

Now that it’s December, time to move into holiday mode!

Six Month Stats

Brynn’s six month doctor’s appointment was yesterday! What did we learn? Well pretty much that she is looking great…other than her lack of weight gain.

As I guessed, she still hasn’t reached 13 lbs. She is 12 lbs 12 oz which is only the 2nd percentile. At least she is short too, at 24.41 inches (4th percentile). Her doctor is less concerned about the weight issue since she has now had three straight plots on the growth chart at the 2nd percentile, but I still hate to see her so skinny!

I wish I made more milk, or that she liked to eat more now that we have started solids.

Overall I’m glad she was looking good and that the wheezing is gone. Now its time to gain some weight!

Brynn: 6 months old

Has it really been half a year already?!

6 months

A few updates on the past month with this little lady.

SLEEP: This month hasn’t been so great for sleep. Only in the past few days has Brynn gone back to sleeping through the night. Between traveling, a cold, and a new developmental milestone, she started waking up 1-2 times every night for a few weeks straight. The past couple of nights she has gone back to sleeping 7:15-6:15ish, and then since I’ve been off of work I can get her to go back to sleep until a little after 8 so I can get some rest. So while it has been a “rough for us” month of sleep, I know it could be far worst. At home, she is basically down to two naps per day in her crib. Some days, she goes straight down for a nap without a peep, other days she cries for a few minutes before falling asleep. But we’ve pretty much settled into a weekend routine where she gets one longer 2-3 hour nap and then another that is closer to one hour and we usually end up waking her up so that we can go do stuff. It is definitely much harder to balance her nap needs with Bella’s schedule!


She is a full-time tummy sleeper, literally rolling over as soon as I place her down!

MOVEMENT: Brynn is sitting up! And she is strong, sitting for a good 15 minutes at a time. She still loves rolling all around too. Part of me is now wondering if her struggle to gain weight is due to how active she is. She thinks sitting is hilarious. And she loves taking toys and grabbing them and putting them in her mouth.

IMG_7111 IMG_3578

WEIGHT: She is still struggling with the weight gain. She had a little rash last week that daycare wanted her pediatrician to check out (it was nothing…just a little viral rash from a cold…although the resident that did the exam was totally stumped by it until our dr came in and made that diagnosis in about five seconds), so with that check-up we found out that she has gained 7 ounces in about three weeks. So with the weight she lost between 4 months and 5 months she has only gained 1 ounce in almost two months. She has her 6 month check-up on Monday so we’ll see how things are progressing. I’m hoping she tells us not to worry about it since we looked back at Bella’s growth chart and Bella did the same thing between 3-6 months. But it does seem concerning that she is 6 months old and not even 13 lbs.

FOOD: Because of the slow weight gain mentioned above, her pediatrician wanted her to start on solids a month early. We originally tried oatmeal mixed with formula, but she hated the taste of the formula. So we’ve since tried mixing it with water or liquified peaches instead. She definitely seems to like it better than way but its still a struggle getting her to eat more than an ounce or two of food per day. I’m excited now that we’ve hit 6 months to start experimenting with a lot more foods besides oatmeal!

OTHER: Brynn is generally such a happy little girl. She loves playing in her exersaucer and being outside. She is happy being held or sitting by herself playing with a toy. We went to Disney World this month (a whole other story!) and she was amazing. She was either in the stroller or the Ergo and she slept a ton in the Ergo while we walked around. I think she loved feeling like she was being held by mommy or daddy essentially all day long! It stinks that she has had at least a cold per month since starting school, especially knowing that it’ll likely continue through the winter. But at least since she is our second baby, we know that it’ll pass and the colds will start effecting her less eventually. And someday she’ll even be able to blow her own nose!

IMG_6896 IMG_7132

Brynn: 5 months old

Growth issues aside, this little peanut is 5 months old today!

5 months

Yet another month has flown by, and it is hard to believe she is already five months old.

SLEEP: Brynn is continuing to sleep like a champ. She generally goes down between 7 and 7:30 and sleeps until 6 or 7. I’ll usually then nurse her for a little bit and put her back down. On the weekdays I wake her up around 7:30 to get ready to head to daycare and on the weekends she’ll usually wake back up between 7:30 and 8. We’re definitely fortunate, although I think we may have another cold coming on and those usually mean 3 wake-ups a night! We’ll also see what happens with daylight savings this weekend.


Big sister loves to do wake ups!

Big sister loves to do wake ups!

DAYCARE: Brynn’s teachers continue to love her since she has been very easy for them since she learned how to take a bottle. She naps well there – often taking one 2-3 hour nap for them! They tell me often that she plays for a bit on the floor and then sometimes falls asleep after playing! Her teachers have been wonderful and I feel so comfortable leaving her there with them while I work. I love nursing her on my lunch breaks and those cuddles where I can give her all of my attention are such a wonderful part of my day.

No daycare this is just a fun random

No daycare pics…so this is just a fun random

MOVEMENT: Oh movement. So much movement. Brynn is all over the place! She’s been rolling over since she was 3.5 months old and now solely sleeps on her tummy. I put her down on her back and she is over within seconds. She has also gotten better on rolling front to back as well although she definitely prefers tummy time! She can turn pretty well in circles and it is almost impossible to change her diaper since she won’t stay still.


IMG_3340 IMG_3350 IMG_6771

FIRSTS: Pushing up and locking elbows. Briefly sitting. First hay ride. First pumpkin patch. First bit of oatmeal. First time in the ergo.



We love this little girl and with every month it becomes more and more fun watching her interact with her big sister!


One of those days

Today has just been one of those days.

Brynn had a weight check appointment today that her pediatrician set at her four month appointment since she was dropping off of the weight curve. While it didn’t really look like she’d been fattening up, I was not expecting the news that she had in fact lost 6 ounces and is now under 12 lbs. She has gone from the 38th percentile at 2 months to the 11th percentile at 4 months and now to the 2nd percentile at 5 months.

But it got worse from there. Her doctor did the standard stethoscope thing and after spending several minutes listening to her lungs, said that she was hearing a lot of wheezing. Ugh. In Bella’s almost three years of life, we’ve never had this issue, and now my almost five month old who is only coughing like twice a day is in need of breathing treatments.

The good news is that the pediatrician thinks that this increased heartrate related to the wheezing is the reason for her weight loss. However, we have to treat both issues. So we were given a nebulizer and we’re starting on breathing treatments and we are also supposed to be giving an early start to solids – oatmeal mixed with formula once a day for a month to see if she can grow some. We gave a first try with the oatmeal and she didn’t seem to know what to do with it. She sort of just tongued it around and I don’t think much was actually digested. I’m going to have her teacher try at school tomorrow and hopefully they will have some better luck.

Then as if this wasn’t enough to digest and worry about, when I picked Bella up from school I thought she felt warm and Lance agreed. We took her temperature before bedtime and it was 103.6, which I think is the highest fever she has ever had. Yesterday she was saying that her tummy hurt and that she had to go to the doctor, but since she hates the doctor and was eating and playing normally, I thought she was just repeating something they’d learned at school. And of course I had her with me at Brynn’s appointment but didn’t get her looked at because I didn’t know she was actually sick.

So yeah, just one of those days. I’m nervous with the whole weight gain thing since while Bella really struggled to gain weight her first few weeks, she did just fine after that – so its definitely a problem we don’t have experience with.