Brynn is One!

It’s hard to believe, but this little girl is a year old! Brynn turned one a few days ago but I’m just now getting the chance to write this.

12 months

GROWTH: She had her one year check-up on Friday morning, where we found out that our peanut is still a peanut. I really thought she’d move up further in the percentiles since she loves her solid foods so much, but not really. She is 17 lbs, 4 oz (up to the 3rd percentile) and 26.5 inches tall (off the chart). I was glad to hear that we have a healthy girl, but I hate that round of shots and that it’s then followed by a blood draw. Poor thing was not a happy camper and has had her first vaccine reaction – a 103 degree fever yesterday followed by a rash on the lower half of her body today. We also had some additional testing of her blood since last week a tiny little cut on her nose bled for 20 minutes. Thankfully the blood draw didn’t show an indication of a clotting problem, so the cut must have just been in a bad spot.


SLEEP: Baby girl is still sleeping great. It was a perfect month of night time sleeping. Her naps are still about two hours at home and about 30 minutes at school. Her new school seems to be an even brighter classroom than her old school, and she just really needs a darker environment for sleep! It is a bit of an adjustment now with putting her to bed with a cup instead of breast or bottle, but she has done well for two out of her first three nights during this transition period.

IMG_4931FOOD/DRINK: Well, we’ve officially weaned off of the breast as of today. I really didn’t think we’d make it to a year without formula but we did, and we actually still have a bit of frozen breastmilk left. She’ll be getting straight whole milk from a sippy at school starting this week, and at home we’ll mix in the breastmilk with her sippy cups until we run out. The sippy cup transition isn’t going great, but she’ll at least drink out of it when she’s really hungry. Hoping she starts drinking better out of it within a week or so. Her solids intake is still great. Her new teachers are thrilled with how she eats and we are too. She still likes basically anything.


GROSS MOTOR: Still not a walker yet, but now she is at least trying to stand up from sitting. She pulls up and cruises like a champ, but doesn’t seem super interested in walking if she isn’t pushing her walker. She can climb full flights of stairs and makes a beeline for the stairs from the second to third floor whenever they are in her sight.


IMG_4880FAVORITES: Waving “hi” and “bye” to everyone in sight. Clapping her hands. Playing with her big sister. Any sort of outdoor playtime. Eating. Being held. Roaming around her playroom.



Being a mama of two for a year now has brought out so many feelings that I didn’t know I had. I just love watching their relationship grow. As long as Bella isn’t stealing something out of her hands, they play really well together. Bella loves playing “teacher” and Brynn makes for the perfect student.

We’ve been blessed with another easy baby, and for that I am so thankful. If she’s cranky, its usually solved by being carried for a bit. Independent play is happening more frequently now, so that I’m sometimes even able to make meals when its just the three of us at home.

The road to completing our family was filled with lots of heartache, but now that it is complete, I can really appreciate and be incredibly thankful for these beautiful children. They’ve changed our lives in countless ways, and watching them grow and change will bring us joy for many, many years to come.

Happy 1st Birthday Brynn. We love you so very much!


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