Brynn’s First Birthday Party

Eeeks. I’ve skipped over Easter, Passover, and our annual photos at Duke Gardens, and will hopefully get around to a delayed blogging of those, but I’m going to actually try and post about Brynn’s birthday on time.

This past weekend we hosted Brynn’s first birthday party at our house. Somehow, including us, we ended up with 43 people attending. Wow! It just so happens that almost everyone we invited was able to attend, and every family has several kids – so yeah, it was a fun morning!

We did everything very similar to Bella’s first birthday party, figuring, hey, why reinvent the wheel. We didn’t really have a theme, just a fun morning get together with breakfast foods and mimosas. We ordered donuts from our amazing local donut shop, made waffle sticks with our waffle stick pan, and did some awesome mini fritattas in a mini muffin pan. Add in some fruit and waffle toppings and you actually get a pretty good little spread.

The birthday girl was in a great mood. She loved munching on waffle dippers and fruit, and happily modeled the onesie that took me forever to make with my Silhouette Cameo.

We didn’t open presents until after everyone left, but she happily played with all of the toys lying around. Her grandparents took turns doting on her during the party, Bella happily played with her little friends, and overall, things went about as smooth as they could have.

Her birthday is this coming Friday, and since I have to work late that night, I’m planning on taking her in late that morning. We’re also planning on doing her cake smash (although she had a preview with a cupcake at her party) Thursday evening due to my ridiculous work schedule this weekend.

I’ll leave you with the pictures!



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