Brynn: 11 months

Oh my! Is my baby really already 11 months old?! Usually the time between Christmas and summer seems to go so slowly. This year, it has just raced on by. And my sweet little baby Brynn is on the cusp of toddlerhood. Crazy!

11 months

My little peanut has a serious case of separation anxiety right now, to the point where I cannot set her down on the floor without tears unless I join her on the floor. She’s really into exploring the world around her but would definitely prefer that mommy join her on her explorations.

Here is the story of Brynn at 11 months old!

FOOD: Still doing great with solid foods. She’s eating pretty much anything that we give her. I’ve been making myself cauliflower rice recently and she ate it plain. At our family’s Passover seder this week, she even devoured chopped liver. She makes quite the mess when she eats, and recently got spaghetti sauce on her forehead. Impressive. As for her nursing/bottle routine, with my supply tanking, we’re just hoping to make it to 12 months. She had a few days of fussing at the breast, but it seems like we have moved past that issue. She had also been really hurting me with her teeth, but that seems to have improved over the past few days. Maybe she is getting used to having top teeth.


SLEEP: This is the best month of sleep she has had yet, likely due to limited illness. She goes down between 7 and 7:30 and for the most part has been sleeping until I wake her at 7:30 on weekdays. Naps are the same as last month – great at home (2-3 hours) and horrible at school (0-30 minutes). Since she doesn’t sleep at school, she always passes out for our 15-20 minute drive home.


TEETH: As I alluded to above, she’s now up to 6 teeth! The top 4 teeth came in quickly. Haven’t noticed any additional on the bottom yet but they should be the next to come through.

TALK: Still no words, although she is making new sounds every day it seems. She can now say the “mmm” sound and is saying something that sounds close to “mama” to go along with the “dada” that she says. She also is doing a great job at imitating and will have raspberry conversations with anyone who makes that sound to her.


MOVEMENT: While she still isn’t 100% knee crawling, she’s now mixing in knee crawling with the army crawling that she’s been doing since she was 6 months old. The funny thing that I’ve noticed is that she seems to knee crawl when she has the intention of pulling up. So she’ll knee crawl halfway across the room if her destination is the stairs or my legs. Brynn is pulling up everywhere, cruising when she feels like it, and has taken her first few steps with a push toy. She still seems pretty far away from walking, but that is ok by me! She loves the stairs and has gotten up a few of them on her own. She still wants to go down the stairs face first, which means keeping a close eye on her when we are on the second floor!


FUN: Lots of fun events this month. We traveled to Cancun where she had a blast splashing in the pool every day and eating chips. She had her International Party at school where she got to dress up with her classmates and “dance” on stage. We all made the trip to Philly to see my family and celebrate Passover. We took advantage of the location and made her first trip to the Philadelphia Zoo (a childhood favorite destination of mine).


It’s time for me to get on the ball and start planning her first birthday party. Wasn’t she just born though? It feels like yesterday and forever ago all at the same time.


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