Brynn: 10 months

This little lady is 10 months old!

10 months

March has been a fun and busy month. Brynn is developing at rapid speed now and is suddenly not feeling like as much of a baby. She is all over the place, but if she is on the floor, mommy needs to be near by. She is still a little peanut, but with two friends having had babies in the past month, she is suddenly seeming so big! I’m pretty sure this is about when baby fever started creeping back in after Bella, and I sort of feel the same now, except for the fact that we’ve already decided that we are two and done.

Anyway, here is more about Brynn at 10 months!

SLEEP: This has been a good month for sleep, especially in the past week where Brynn is suddenly sleeping all the way to 7:30-8:00 am. As sleep goes in the first year or so, I’m sure we’ll regress back into something worse, but for right now, she is sleeping like a champ. Naps at school are still pretty short, but naps at home are typically a good 2+ hours. She has been transitioned to one nap a day for a while now, and we’re loving it.


FOOD: She may be underweight, but this girl is all about the food, especially food that she can eat with her hands. She is loving pretty much anything right now, so we’re trying to add him some healthier foods to go along with all of the pasta and cheese and “you need to fatten her up” foods that we started the month with. Its so nice that now during dinner we can plop her in the high chair next to the three of us and she can eat right along side of us. She’s still nursing the same as before, but my milk production is really decreasing. I’m hoping we can make it through 12 months, but we’ll have to see what happens. Apparently when I’m not around, she drains her 4 oz bottles pretty quickly!

IMG_8102 IMG_4598 IMG_4253 IMG_8807

MOVEMENT: As I alluded to, Brynn is all over the place. She is still just army crawling, but she is super fast. About two weeks ago, she started pulling up to her knees, and three days ago, she started pulling up to her feet. Today she even tried to cruise a bit. Yesterday, when she didn’t want to nap, she pulled up in her crib for the first time. It’s funny how happy and proud they are when they learn new skills. It’s so much fun to watch!


IMG_8194 IMG_8234 IMG_4632 IMG_8814

LANGUAGE: Brynn’s first attempts at language were “ah dah”. Now she is verbalizing a lot more, including some “dah dah”. I still wouldn’t say that she has had a first word yet, but she is pretty reliable to “talk” back to us now when we talk to her.

FAVORITES: Still with the dangling off of the edge of everything. She thinks its hilarious to go face first off of the couch or bed or stairs (with us holding on so that she doesn’t actually fall of course). Shoveling food into her mouth. Bobbing her head to the music or when her tummy is full of food.


IMG_8140 IMG_4553 IMG_8177 IMG_4594

Love this little girl. Can’t wait to see how she develops this month!


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