Brynn: 8 months old

A day late over here, but Brynn is 8 months old!

8 months

Our little peanut is growing up so fast! Here are a few updates on her last month of life.

EATING: At Brynn’s last doctor’s appointment, her pediatrician said that we need to keep trying to get her to gain weight. So we’ve been trying to up her solid intake as much as we can! She is nursing or getting a pumped bottle 5 times a day right now, unless she wakes at night and then she gets fed then too. We’re then trying to do 3 purees a day on top of that. The purees are mostly a rotation of oatmeal, peas, sweet potato, butternut squash, and avocado. Some of those have to be mixed with either applesauce or pear puree (girl has a sweet tooth!). She’s starting to do better about eating finger foods, but not at the point where we can rely on them for their calories. So the finger foods are really more of an added bonus! Just the other day, daycare started adding in a few finger foods from the school menu, so hopefully we’ll be able to get some more variety in her diet soon. Her very favorite finger food is her puffs. We put a container in her Christmas stocking and she has been enjoying them while we eat every night!


trying some baby led weaning

trying some baby led weaning

Feeding Brynn a bottle is exhausting

Feeding Brynn a bottle is exhausting

SLEEP: She woke up with a cold on New Year’s Eve at 11:50 p.m., and has spent all but a week of this month with a cold. As soon as the first one ended, she spent a few days healthy and then came down with another. For the most part, her sleep wasn’t severely effected by the colds – maybe waking 1-2 times per night. Last night, she slept a solid 12 hours straight until I woke her up, which made for a super happy mama! As for naps, at home she is generally just taking one 2-3 hour nap per day.

happy when she wakes up!

happy when she wakes up!

GROSS MOTOR: Brynn started army crawling two weeks ago! She doesn’t go very far, but she is typically motivated to get to anything she can stick in her mouth. She still isn’t getting up on her knees, so we are probably a ways away from real crawling, but this development came pretty fast. She’s a great sitter and starting to walk herself forward with her hands to try and get things out of her reach.

DAYCARE: She’s still happy at daycare and amazingly, she is the second oldest in her class now on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the oldest on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Her class is so young! I’m still going at lunch time to nurse her and I love the break in my work day. Her teachers are super wonderful. We are at the same daycare but she has different teachers than Bella had (the lead teacher was Bella’s teacher in her 12-18 month class). She’s not napping much at school though – today she only napped for 35 minutes!

TEETH: Still just the two bottom teeth, but they are fully through now.

FAVORITES: Puffs. Anything mixed with applesauce. Sticking everything in her mouth. Being held. Watching everything her sister does.


her favorite sight!

her favorite sight!

And a few more photos from the past month.

IMG_4195 IMG_3934 IMG_7657

Love this little peanut and how much joy she has brought to our lives.


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