Halloween 2015

Is it really December?

I think I missed Halloween.

Bella loved it so much! She walked around with the neighbor kids for almost two full hours. She also may have had 5 lollipops while walking around. Brynn was not really a fan. I really thought she would just sleep in the stroller but she was having none of it, so I ended up taking her home to bed while Lance finished walking around with Bella and the neighbors.

Bella wanted to be “five monkeys” for Halloween, after her favorite book. So all four of us dressed up like monkeys and we benefited from the fact that she isn’t great at counting yet.


Brynn and her school teachers


Brynn and her teachers


the best we could get at a family photo

And a look back at Bella through the years on Halloween.



2013 (10 months old)

2013 (10 months old)


2014 (1 year and 10 months old)


2015 (2 years and 10 months old)

And I guess while I’m catching up on old photos, I might as well include the rest of our fall fun!

IMG_3304 IMG_3348 IMG_3339 IMG_3355 IMG_3354

Now that it’s December, time to move into holiday mode!


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