Brynn: 6 months old

Has it really been half a year already?!

6 months

A few updates on the past month with this little lady.

SLEEP: This month hasn’t been so great for sleep. Only in the past few days has Brynn gone back to sleeping through the night. Between traveling, a cold, and a new developmental milestone, she started waking up 1-2 times every night for a few weeks straight. The past couple of nights she has gone back to sleeping 7:15-6:15ish, and then since I’ve been off of work I can get her to go back to sleep until a little after 8 so I can get some rest. So while it has been a “rough for us” month of sleep, I know it could be far worst. At home, she is basically down to two naps per day in her crib. Some days, she goes straight down for a nap without a peep, other days she cries for a few minutes before falling asleep. But we’ve pretty much settled into a weekend routine where she gets one longer 2-3 hour nap and then another that is closer to one hour and we usually end up waking her up so that we can go do stuff. It is definitely much harder to balance her nap needs with Bella’s schedule!


She is a full-time tummy sleeper, literally rolling over as soon as I place her down!

MOVEMENT: Brynn is sitting up! And she is strong, sitting for a good 15 minutes at a time. She still loves rolling all around too. Part of me is now wondering if her struggle to gain weight is due to how active she is. She thinks sitting is hilarious. And she loves taking toys and grabbing them and putting them in her mouth.

IMG_7111 IMG_3578

WEIGHT: She is still struggling with the weight gain. She had a little rash last week that daycare wanted her pediatrician to check out (it was nothing…just a little viral rash from a cold…although the resident that did the exam was totally stumped by it until our dr came in and made that diagnosis in about five seconds), so with that check-up we found out that she has gained 7 ounces in about three weeks. So with the weight she lost between 4 months and 5 months she has only gained 1 ounce in almost two months. She has her 6 month check-up on Monday so we’ll see how things are progressing. I’m hoping she tells us not to worry about it since we looked back at Bella’s growth chart and Bella did the same thing between 3-6 months. But it does seem concerning that she is 6 months old and not even 13 lbs.

FOOD: Because of the slow weight gain mentioned above, her pediatrician wanted her to start on solids a month early. We originally tried oatmeal mixed with formula, but she hated the taste of the formula. So we’ve since tried mixing it with water or liquified peaches instead. She definitely seems to like it better than way but its still a struggle getting her to eat more than an ounce or two of food per day. I’m excited now that we’ve hit 6 months to start experimenting with a lot more foods besides oatmeal!

OTHER: Brynn is generally such a happy little girl. She loves playing in her exersaucer and being outside. She is happy being held or sitting by herself playing with a toy. We went to Disney World this month (a whole other story!) and she was amazing. She was either in the stroller or the Ergo and she slept a ton in the Ergo while we walked around. I think she loved feeling like she was being held by mommy or daddy essentially all day long! It stinks that she has had at least a cold per month since starting school, especially knowing that it’ll likely continue through the winter. But at least since she is our second baby, we know that it’ll pass and the colds will start effecting her less eventually. And someday she’ll even be able to blow her own nose!

IMG_6896 IMG_7132


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