Brynn: 5 months old

Growth issues aside, this little peanut is 5 months old today!

5 months

Yet another month has flown by, and it is hard to believe she is already five months old.

SLEEP: Brynn is continuing to sleep like a champ. She generally goes down between 7 and 7:30 and sleeps until 6 or 7. I’ll usually then nurse her for a little bit and put her back down. On the weekdays I wake her up around 7:30 to get ready to head to daycare and on the weekends she’ll usually wake back up between 7:30 and 8. We’re definitely fortunate, although I think we may have another cold coming on and those usually mean 3 wake-ups a night! We’ll also see what happens with daylight savings this weekend.


Big sister loves to do wake ups!

Big sister loves to do wake ups!

DAYCARE: Brynn’s teachers continue to love her since she has been very easy for them since she learned how to take a bottle. She naps well there – often taking one 2-3 hour nap for them! They tell me often that she plays for a bit on the floor and then sometimes falls asleep after playing! Her teachers have been wonderful and I feel so comfortable leaving her there with them while I work. I love nursing her on my lunch breaks and those cuddles where I can give her all of my attention are such a wonderful part of my day.

No daycare this is just a fun random

No daycare pics…so this is just a fun random

MOVEMENT: Oh movement. So much movement. Brynn is all over the place! She’s been rolling over since she was 3.5 months old and now solely sleeps on her tummy. I put her down on her back and she is over within seconds. She has also gotten better on rolling front to back as well although she definitely prefers tummy time! She can turn pretty well in circles and it is almost impossible to change her diaper since she won’t stay still.


IMG_3340 IMG_3350 IMG_6771

FIRSTS: Pushing up and locking elbows. Briefly sitting. First hay ride. First pumpkin patch. First bit of oatmeal. First time in the ergo.



We love this little girl and with every month it becomes more and more fun watching her interact with her big sister!



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