One of those days

Today has just been one of those days.

Brynn had a weight check appointment today that her pediatrician set at her four month appointment since she was dropping off of the weight curve. While it didn’t really look like she’d been fattening up, I was not expecting the news that she had in fact lost 6 ounces and is now under 12 lbs. She has gone from the 38th percentile at 2 months to the 11th percentile at 4 months and now to the 2nd percentile at 5 months.

But it got worse from there. Her doctor did the standard stethoscope thing and after spending several minutes listening to her lungs, said that she was hearing a lot of wheezing. Ugh. In Bella’s almost three years of life, we’ve never had this issue, and now my almost five month old who is only coughing like twice a day is in need of breathing treatments.

The good news is that the pediatrician thinks that this increased heartrate related to the wheezing is the reason for her weight loss. However, we have to treat both issues. So we were given a nebulizer and we’re starting on breathing treatments and we are also supposed to be giving an early start to solids – oatmeal mixed with formula once a day for a month to see if she can grow some. We gave a first try with the oatmeal and she didn’t seem to know what to do with it. She sort of just tongued it around and I don’t think much was actually digested. I’m going to have her teacher try at school tomorrow and hopefully they will have some better luck.

Then as if this wasn’t enough to digest and worry about, when I picked Bella up from school I thought she felt warm and Lance agreed. We took her temperature before bedtime and it was 103.6, which I think is the highest fever she has ever had. Yesterday she was saying that her tummy hurt and that she had to go to the doctor, but since she hates the doctor and was eating and playing normally, I thought she was just repeating something they’d learned at school. And of course I had her with me at Brynn’s appointment but didn’t get her looked at because I didn’t know she was actually sick.

So yeah, just one of those days. I’m nervous with the whole weight gain thing since while Bella really struggled to gain weight her first few weeks, she did just fine after that – so its definitely a problem we don’t have experience with.


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