Brynn: 4 months old

This has been such a fun month! Brynn is four months old and has changed so much!

4 months

SLEEP: Right before Brynn turned three months, she started sleeping through the night. And then she got her first cold. It lasted two weeks. She got better for two days. And then got her second cold. Considering how stuffy and runny her nose was, we were probably lucky she was only waking up 2-3 times per night. We tried all of the tricks with raising an end of her mattress, humidifier, snot sucker, but she sounded so bad! Thankfully a few days ago it finally stopped, and she is back to sleeping much longer.

IMG_6474 IMG_6519

DAYCARE: Brynn is doing great at daycare. She is starting to do better with the bottles. And she is overall seeming pretty happy there! I’ve been able to go feed her most days at lunchtime and it is just the best break in my work day. I’m getting to know her teachers (they are different from the ones Bella had) and I really like them. Its so hard knowing that they spend more time with her than I do right now, but at least I feel like she is in good hands.

MOVEMENT: Wasn’t really expecting to have an update here, but a couple of weeks ago Brynn started rolling over. Mostly back to front, but sometimes front to back as well. When we put her in the crib now she rolls over almost instantly! She is just super squirmy and the above picture was as hard as Bella’s pictures were at almost a year.

IMG_6548 IMG_6531

LANGUAGE: Smiles are abundant now! Interacting with Brynn is just so much more fun now that you get a nice smile. We are also getting a bigger variety of coos now. Its all so cute and I forgot how much fun this little phase is.

IMG_6511 IMG_6514 IMG_6543

FIRSTS: First airplane ride. First subway ride. First time having Bella feed her a bottle. First cold. First time rolling over.

I think Brynn is turning into a super happy little girl. Now if only she can go a while without getting another cold!


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