Brynn – Three Months Old

3 months

I swear she isn’t as unhappy as she looks in this picture, but it was my fault taking it right before bedtime. Brynn was not happy about being set down on the chair!

Anyway, here is a look back at her third month!

SLEEP: Brynn’s sleep has been all over the place this month. She went about nine days sleeping 11-12 hours (7:30-7ish) but has since been going back to waking closer to 5 or 6. Can’t complain about that! She has had a few days where a stuffy nose has made her wake up one time earlier as well. And today I noticed that she is developing a cough so I have a feeling we are in for many wakings for the next week! She still naps a lot although at daycare the naps are shorter and more frequent than at home. Lots of dozing in the car on the way to and from school as well.


NURSING: No issues whatsoever with nursing. I’ve been so busy that I didn’t get a chance to write about our big problem trying to get her used to bottles! The first few days of daycare she wouldn’t finish them and cried pretty much the whole time they fed her. On day four they realized that she didn’t like being fed in a cradle position as she’d root for the teacher’s boob. Once they changed that she starting eating with no problem at daycare. We did a lot of practice over the weekend trying to get her used to bottles and had zero success. She never drank more than half an ounce for us. We were getting really scared since I left on Tuesday for a 48-hour work trip. Finally, the day before I left, I realized that the only other difference with daycare was that they used a bottle warmer! We went and bought one that night and hallelujah, she started taking a bottle at home with little fuss after that.

Bella trying to convince Brynn that bottles are OK

Bella trying to convince Brynn that bottles are OK

LANGUAGE: There hasn’t been much of a change here. I’d say she is still doing the same amount of cooing as before. Hopefully this takes off a lot more soon!

MOVEMENT: She is still big on moving all around! I have a feeling she may be an early roller. She is starting to swat at the toys on her play gym and grab things. I’m thinking of getting a sitting toy for her so she has more options for activity when we are home.

IMG_6399 IMG_6400

DAYCARE: Again, life has been super crazy and I haven’t had a full post about this, but I went back to work last week and Brynn started daycare. She is definitely still getting used to things as sometimes when I drop her off she starts crying, even though its still too early for separation anxiety. At least when i pick her up she is usually happy. She has been taking 3-4 naps a day at daycare though. We’ll see how long that lasts for!

selfie on our last day home together

selfie on our last day home together

SIBLINGS: Just a picture here! Love the sweetness!


FIRSTS: Probably more than this, but first hockey game, first time at the beach, and first time in the pool! She really loved the pool (which makes sense she loves baths) and the ocean. The ocean sounds like her white noise machine.

IMG_6425 IMG_6440 IMG_6370

Love this little cupcake so much! Looking forward to all of the fun stuff to come in the next few months!


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