Brynn: 2 months old

So I spent all day today thinking that Brynn turned 2 months old tomorrow. It wasn’t until I said something about having to take Brynn’s picture tomorrow to Lance that he replied, “she was born on the 28th?” – that I realized today was actually the 27th and that she was two months old today. I guess this is what happens when you aren’t working!

Yeah – so another month has flown by!

2 months

Here is a recap of Brynn’s second month.

SLEEP: Things have drastically improved since she hit around five weeks. Last month I said that we had just started putting her in the crib. Well this month, we moved her crib bedtime up to 7:30ish (right around Bella’s bedtime) and that seems to have really helped things! We also started Gerber Soothe around that time, a probiotic that our pediatrician recommended to help with her reflux – so its hard to know which to attribute the improved sleep to. Her first night with the Gerber Soothe (July 5th) she slept six hours for the first time. Since then, she’s had some nights where she has started with an 8 or 9 hour stretch! I’d say 6 hours is still the average for the first stretch, and unfortunately the second stretch is still only 2-3 hours. She also wakes up sometime between 6-6:30 almost every morning and then won’t go back in her crib, but will go back down in the swing. Today at 6:30 she went back to sleep in the crib for the first time so I’d obviously be thrilled if we could get back to that! Lance and I have each had nights this month where we’ve had to do bedtime solo and have survived – although I think that’ll get way easier once Brynn can just chill and be entertained by her sister rather than crying as Bella gets ready for bed!



NURSING: Nursing has continued to go great. I think we were in a growth spurt for about four days ending yesterday as she was nursing for way longer at a time and waking more frequently at night. I’m still pumping more than I did with Bella and really hope it keeps up. I think I average around 5 ounces although it totally depends on how much she eats overnight. Brynn also had her first bottle last night as Lance put her to bed since I had a 6:30 hockey game. He could have kept her up since I was home at 8:15, but we figured we may as well go ahead and try a bottle since she starts daycare in less than a month. Apparently she did just fine with the bottle, although she only drank two ounces! I pumped four when I got home so I was just happy to be ahead of the game. Our freezer is quickly becoming full of frozen milk from my one stash-building session a day – but with Bella we needed every ounce of that stash since my supply dipped really low around month 10.


SKIN: I’d read that baby acne usually clears up after a few weeks and that is exactly what happened with Brynn. It was really bad for 2-3 weeks and then one day it got lighter and the next day it was gone. So weird! I’d been worried that she had the dreaded milk protein allergy or something and really did not want to give up my chocolate (sorry Jen!) so I felt much better when the acne rash went away.


LANGUAGE: Obviously no words at this point but she really coos up a storm now during her content periods. The main time for this is after she finishes nursing. She’ll lay on her back on the pillow and look up at me and make all sorts of cute noises. She doesn’t perform as much for others at this point but I’m sure she will sometime soon.

MOVEMENT: She is definitely a wiggly one! I notice that she scoots herself down in the crib a few inches as the night goes on. And today while I was getting Bella ready for bed and she was laying on the floor, she somehow turned almost 90 degrees. She has also gotten so good at punching her arms out of her swaddle that tonight I swaddled her with her arms out for the first time. We’ll see how that goes!

SOOTHING: Just in the past two days Brynn has gotten the hang of sucking on her fingers. Not sure if that is how she slept better last night but has also influenced my decision to swaddle with arms out tonight. So far she seems to prefer her middle and fourth fingers together so it’ll be interesting to see which fingers she settles on.

SIBLINGS:  Brynn is starting to take notice of what Bella is doing. I can’t wait for the moment that her big sister makes her laugh for the first time! Thankfully the jealousy seems to have almost fully died down. Bella is still so proud to be a big sister and Brynn is finally starting to notice that her sister exists!

IMG_2877 IMG_2902


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