Bella: 2.5 years old

I realize that I haven’t written much about Bella since I stopped her monthly posts when she turned two. And just like that, she’s two and a half and so, so much has changed!



Most notably, the language leap. It feels like it really came out of nowhere. She can pretty much express everything she wants to now and she certainly does. She is also a total sponge and is learning and retaining new things every day. On the drive to school she loves pointing out the “choo choo tracks” and “struction” (construction). She likes to order us to “catch cool bus” (catch school bus) and loves seeing a “big big truck”. She knows that Titan is slow and daddy is fast.

She’s opinionated each day on whether or not she wants to wear her shoes or crocs and will now tell us “no night night, play” if she doesn’t want to go to bed. She is starting to love dress up and especially loves carrying a purse!

IMG_6051 IMG_6097 IMG_6131

Bella is still totally a daddy’s girl and she even made mommy go cut the grass the other day because she didn’t want daddy to leave her. She still sleeps like a champ and often doesn’t want to wake up in the morning. Definitely her daddy’s girl! She’s thankfully unfazed by Brynn’s crying overnight and when I look at the monitor she doesn’t even flinch from the screams! Since moving to her big girl bed, she finally sleeps with her covers on top of her – which is ironic since its now summer and her room is warm since she won’t let us turn on the ceiling fan!



She still gobbles down everything on her plate. They’ve had picnics at school the past two weeks and she loves eating fruit. Whenever we tell her we are going to a birthday party she asks “cupcake?” as if that is the only important part of the party. The other day she was hungry before dinner so Lance offered her some peas which she scarfed down by the fistful. By our measurements, she is about 30 lbs (72nd percentile) and 34.5 inches (24th percentile). If the height measurement is accurate, that’s a big jump from her two year check-up where she was only in the 6th percentile.

birthday party fun!

birthday party fun!

Bella is so proud to be a big sister and loves showing her classmates and teachers baby Brynn every day. In the car if Brynn cries, I tell her to make her sister happy and she starts singing her own song, “happy baby Brynn” which just repeats those three words over and over again. There’s a little bit of jealousy when I’m about to nurse where she steals the pillow, but other than that at this point she is just a proud big sister who loves giving Brynn kisses.

she has clearly been watching me

she has clearly been watching me

At school, she just moved up to her new classroom. We had her move up before summer instead of after because it just seemed like there were too many 18 month olds in her old class and the difference between 18 months and 2.5 seems way worse than the difference between 2.5 years and 3+. In the month since she has moved up she has started counting to ten in spanish (give or take a few numbers) and in english (also give or take 2 and 8). She has quickly adapted to her new class and teachers and thankfully is FINALLY over the morning separation anxiety. In this class all of the kids push their parents out of the room and then everyone else cheers when they do it. So now instead of drop off being filled with tears and taking 15 minutes, I can be in and out in 5 minutes – which will especially be important when I go back to work! She is also very into bringing things to school and wants to “show cool” with something new everyday. They have show and tell on Fridays in her new class and unfortunately she doesn’t quite understand yet that it is only once a week.

her old class

her old class

Potty training still has not progressed. She definitely knows when she has to go poopy and it seems like in the past few weeks she might know when she has to go pee pee – but generally she has no interest right now on sitting on the potty. Some days she’ll be motivated and sit there for 15 minutes trying to go to the bathroom, but we just can’t get over the hump. I’m hoping that now that we’ve hit 30 months it is around the corner because with Brynn in cloth diapers, we’re now having to do laundry every day. We don’t want to push too hard, so I think we’ll wait to try the 3 day method again until she is really showing signs of wanting to do it.

Our little girl is starting to seem more and more like a big girl. Every day with her becomes more and more fun now that she can talk and tell us what she is thinking. She loves to play and laugh and brings so much joy to our days. I’m sure there is so much more that I could write and I’ll try and make sure half a year doesn’t go by before I do this again. Can’t wait to see what the second half of the year will bring us!


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