Brynn: 1 Month Old

Has it really already been a month since Brynn came into the world? I remember thinking with Bella just how fast time went, and it has been much of the same this time around. Our littlest girl is one month old!

1 month

For comparison, Bella at one month.

1 month

And Brynn’s first four weekly pictures on the “quilt” that I made. You can already see the onesie getting tighter, as well as Brynn getting madder.

Brynn 1-4

A little recap of how things have been going.

SLEEP: I think Brynn is a pretty average sleeper at this stage. She naps great during the day and will nap a full three hours if we let her. She takes her longest naps in the swing. At night, she is sleeping in her crib. Since she kept falling a sleep for multiple hours on our chests around 8-9 pm, we decided this week to try and put her in her crib at that time. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. She sleeps great in her crib overnight and the key is whether we can get her down to start the night. The main difference with Bella is that where Bella could always be nursed to sleep, sometimes Brynn gets super angry and fussy while nursing, which of course makes it impossible to settle her down for sleep. Its hard to tell what is going on though because it isn’t every time she nurses. At night, she seems to sleep for on average 2.5-3 hours at a time. She’ll then nurse for about 10 minutes and go back to bed. We’ve discovered this week that the key to having her go back down immediately is to not change her diaper. So we’ve started doing the double stuffed cloth diaper that can hold a full 8+ hours of pee and poop and hopefully that continues to do the trick. When we change her diaper overnight she becomes fully awake and will then stay up for an hour and a half. Not fun at 3 am!


IMG_6041 IMG_6049 IMG_6060 IMG_6070 IMG_6122

NURSING: Overall, she is a great eater. She has no issues with latching and my breast pain went away within a week this time around (as opposed to a month with Bella). I’m a little concerned that she may have some reflux issues because she spits up a ton and sometimes gets really angry while nursing, but it is so hard to say because I know some amount of spit up is normal and the angry nursing doesn’t happen all of the time. She doesn’t “angry nurse” in the middle of the night or when she is less awake, so I’m not sure what that means. But we have her one month pediatrician appointment on Monday so hopefully then we’ll get a better idea if this is all normal or not. I’m pretty sure she is gaining weight though because her clothes seem to be getting tighter.

passed out on the my brest friend after a meal!

passed out on the my brest friend after a meal!

SKIN: Brynn has tons of baby acne on her face and chest! And starting yesterday it looks like her forehead is peeling a little. I know this stuff can be normal but I’m hoping it goes away soon and that it is just baby acne and not some sort of other rash. Bella had tons of cradle cap for her first few months which Brynn doesn’t have though, so its really interesting seeing just how every baby is different. This acne/rash on her face seems to get worse as the day goes on and I think it is effected by heat, crying, etc.

BATHS: She has only had a few baths so far, but Brynn loves them, and Bella loves having her in the tub. I hope it is always this easy to bathe two at once.

CLOTH DIAPERS: We made the switch with Brynn this week since we were almost out of disposable diapers. The leg gussets may still be a tiny bit too big but the waist is fine and she doesn’t seem to leak. The cloth diapers definitely hold in big poops much better than disposables! The hard thing right now is that until Bella is potty trained, we have to wash them every day! We have 19 diapers for the two of them to share. Bella uses about 6 per day and Brynn is using around 10. Guess this will be extra motivation to go ahead and get Bella potty trained!


SISTER LOVE: They are really doing great together. Other than a bit of jealousy when I nurse, Bella loves her sister and really wants to help take care of her. I’m hoping that we continue to have more sweet moments than jealous ones and I can’t wait to watch their relationship continue to grow.

that time she managed to climb onto the nursing pillow and wanted to eat!

Jealous moment: that time she managed to climb onto the nursing pillow and wanted to eat!

stealing Brynn's toys

Jealous moment: stealing Brynn’s toys


sweet moment: “hand holding”

So that was our first month as a family of 4! Hoping for a positive pediatrician appointment on Monday and then can you believe that Bella will be 2.5 on Thursday?! I can’t believe that I’ve been a mommy for almost 2.5 years.


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