Brynn’s Newborn Photo Shoot

When Bella was born, we opted out of paying for a professional photographer to take her newborn photos. Instead I used my new-at-the-time Canon lens and did them on my own. They turned out pretty well, but I knew when Brynn came along I was going to be more focused on getting family pictures of the four of us.

So this time I turned to the internet in search of an affordable newborn photographer (and one that includes digital rights without paying hundreds of extra dollars). We were pleased to find someone who is relatively new to photography and thought she did an outstanding job. We tried to keep everything very natural with the poses and were thrilled with how everything turned out!

IMG_8115 IMG_8156 IMG_8221 IMG_8433 IMG_8704 IMG_8700 IMG_8684 IMG_8662 IMG_8643 IMG_8570 IMG_8555 IMG_8544 IMG_8448


The hardest part of doing this at 5 days postpartum was finding a shirt that would fit me! I of course stuck with the maternity jeans but I was looking for a flattering shirt that didn’t hug the bump remains. I picked up this flowy shirt at Target the day before but of course woke up that morning super engorged and could barely stuff myself into it. So thankfully we got some decent shots with me in them that weren’t as unflattering as I worried that they would be. And the really unflattering ones were not included here and will never be printed ;-).

Overall it was a fun experience and we’re thrilled with how everything turned out. I’ve already printed two of the pictures for our new staircase gallery wall and plan on doing another big print in our bedroom.


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