Moments to Remember

I haven’t been great about posting them here, or even uploading to YouTube, but Lance and I have been trying to take little videos here and there of every day life with Bella, and now Brynn.

We captured probably my favorite video yet the other night. It perfectly captures an everyday conversation with Bella at 29+ months – showing off her ever-increasing vocabulary for her baby sister.


Bella counting the animals on Brynn’s onesie – “one, three, one”. She can almost count to ten in spanish but just refuses to say “two” in english!

If Bella thinks something is big, its “big big”. Brynn’s feet definitely don’t qualify as “big big” at this age.

“Baby no cry! Shhhh Shhhh”

Bella imitating the sound someone makes when they sneeze.

Giving her sister a hug and then saying “cheese” for us to take a picture.


We’re definitely having to get used to the amount of energy it takes to parent two kiddos, but fun moments like this make it all worth it!


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