Brynn’s First 2 Weeks

Geez. It is hard to believe that Brynn is already over two weeks old. Today is Lance’s first day back to work. Bella is at daycare and Brynn is snoozing in her swing (in the off position…she seems to like it better that way!). So I may have a few minutes to write something before she wakes up to eat again.

I definitely have a lot to write about, newborn photo shoot pictures to share, etc., but I think for now I’ll just give a brief recap of our first few weeks at home.

Things got off to a very easy start. Brynn has been so much better at nursing than Bella was at this point. Her latch has been good from the start and after about a week of major pain, my nipples remembered how to work, the engorgement went away, and things have just been way better in that department. A few days ago I even added in one pumping session a day to start building a supply for when I go back to work and I’m happy to say that I’m definitely getting more milk than last time as well. Today I even pumped the most I ever have getting near 6 oz in 15 minutes (towards the end of Bella’s first year I was only getting 2-3 ounces per 20 minute session). So it has definitely been a relief that things are going better on that end. We were in shock when at her first pediatrician appointment they said they’d see us again in a month. With Bella, since it took her 20 days to regain birth weight we were in the doctor’s office multiple times per week for 3 weeks.

We did have some of the sleepy newborn “issues” that we had with Bella, where I had to wake her to eat after 4-5 hours some nights. Unfortunately, this has now passed and she is waking every 2-3 hours at night. Thankfully at this moment she nurses pretty quickly and falls right back asleep, so I’m not a total zombie.

The days go by quickly! With Lance home, he took Bella to and from daycare each day. That was one of my bigger worries since I really didn’t want to expose Brynn to all of the germs at daycare this first month considering drop off and pick up are each 20 minute ordeals with Bella not wanting us to leave in the morning and not wanting to go home in the afternoon. For the next two weeks our parents will be in town to help with this process as well, and then after that Brynn will be a month old and she and I will start making these trips. Its times like these that I wish daycare was near our house instead of near my office, but with a week of vacation it should only be 7 weeks of lots of driving.

It was so nice having the extended paternity leave this time around. It gave both of us time to get some rest, bond with our newest addition, and even get some things done around the house. Lance managed to seal our deck and screened porch, we put up a staircase gallery wall, and he finished his tall crawl workshop floor. I’ve also been enjoying at least two Brynn naps a day on my chest. Love those sleepy cuddles so much even if it confines me to the couch!

We literally haven’t cooked since we’ve been home from the hospital as we’ve had friends and neighbors bringing us dinner almost every night! All of the pasta probably isn’t great for losing pregnancy weight but its certainly nice to not have to worry about cooking for a few weeks. I’ve also decided that starting next week I want to do some mommy-Bella baking time once or twice a week. She loves to help with everything right now and I think that is the perfect activity for her and I to do together.

nursing is hard work!

nursing is hard work!


loving the sleepy snuggles

loving the sleepy snuggles





For the most part, big sister Bella is doing a great job. She comes in every morning to check on her baby sister and is known to drag a pillow over to her swing and sit next to her while she is sleeping. We let Bella “hold baby” in her chair every night before bed, and while she doesn’t quite grasp how to hold her, she loves it for a few short minutes.

We do have a few issues with Bella either trying to steal my nursing pillow and saying “Brynn no eat” or as in the photo above, stealing Brynn’s gifts, but for the most part, she is happy to look after her sister at this stage.

I know this post has been all over the place, but that is a little look into life so far as a family of 4!



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