Nursery Reveal

Since there is no baby to reveal, might as well go ahead and share a few pictures of baby girl’s nursery. It has been mostly finished for over a month now, and the final touches (the sewing projects I’d been putting off) are done now as well.

This room is much more soft and gentle than Bella’s, which is what I was going for.


The crib skirt, rocking chair pillow, and curtains were sewn by me. The baby blanket, which is folded on the crib, is my first quilting attempt. Although its really a fake quilt because I didn’t have to do any piecing.

The rocking chair, crib, and dresser, were moved over from Bella’s room. The pouf, side table, and lamp are new from target. And the pretty bunting over the crib is from etsy!IMG_2697

Oh and the paint color is Vaguely Mauve by Sherwin Williams. I absolutely love the color although it is tricky to get a read on. It is sort of a purplish pink and it really depends on the way the light hits it!


The closet is still a bit of a hot mess. as that corner is filled with stuff that we are waiting to set up until she arrives, like the pack and play, swing, and mat. I figured I didn’t want to chase Bella from climbing on them until there was a baby around!


The small gallery above the dresser has a print from etsy, a free print found online, a pretty stained glass mirror that I’ve had since college, and a wonderful slate gift from Jen!


We put in more low bookshelves that she’ll be able to reach when she is a little older and filled them with books that Bella was willing to part with.

I may eventually add a few more touches to the room but for now we are gonna call it done and hope that we have a baby to bring home to it shortly!


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