The 39 week tease

I didn’t make my weekly post yesterday because I thought I was going to have a baby.

But I didn’t, and I’m not even in the hospital.

I had a late doctor’s appointment yesterday with Dr. G., the one who seemed to be the most on-board with making my VBAC happen. They were running so far behind, that it was almost 4:30 by the time she saw me. She checked me and said that I was 3-4 cm on the outside, 2-3 cm on the inside, and at -1 station. She was very happy with this because it already essentially made me eligible for a VBAC induction at 41 weeks although she didn’t think I’d get that far.

She then worked for a full 5 minutes on a membrane sweep. However, apparently my cervix was so soft and squishy that she was having trouble doing the sweep. I felt sort of crampy immediately, and after picking up Bella from daycare, the contractions started and were quickly 3 minutes apart. However, I could talk through them, so I called the nurse line just to see what they thought since they were very close together but not long enough or strong enough. She said to go about my evening and call back once they were stronger.

So since it was ladies night with my group of friends, I decided to keep those plans as a distraction. All through the drive there and dinner the contractions continued 3-5 minutes apart and were strong enough that I had trouble talking through some of them. I was pretty confident this was it and my one friend at ladies night who works in anesthesia with Lance even texted the OB anesthesia attending who was at the hospital to see which OB was working. Since it was one of the OBs that I don’t know well, and I knew Dr. G would be starting a 24 hour shift at 8 am, all the girls agreed (and we all go to the same practice) that the best strategy was to try and make it until 4-5 am so that I’d be close to Dr. G.’s shift starting.

Well I got home and things continued. They were strong but when I laid down they slowed way down. So I got back up and Lance and I sat and watched Letterman’s final show. Sitting back up made the frequency go back to every 5 minutes. When the Late Show ended, Lance went to bed and I decided to try and lay down as well to see if they would continue or stop. This time they continued so I laid in bed for about 30 minutes and then dozed off for 30 minutes. I woke up to two more strong contractions that got me out of bed and moving back around.

At this point I wish I would have just gone into the hospital. But I had that 3-4 am goal and it was only 2:30 am. So I laid back down, fell asleep, and they just stopped. I got up a few times to try and get them going again but once it seemed like they were really done, I decided it was just in my best interest to sleep.

So when Lance’s alarm went off at 7 I told him to just go to work and I got up and took Bella to daycare and came into work myself. I sent Dr. G. a message this morning asking if that was just false labor and she said its possible or they may start up again. She is at the hospital until 8 am tomorrow and said to come in and get checked if they pick back up at all.

I’m just so bummed. I thought for sure that was it and if I wasn’t trying to VBAC or a doctor I knew better had been working, I’m sure I would have gone in earlier because there would have been less fear of being pushed to a c-section.

So at this point I’m just praying my water breaks and I get that definitive sign to go in. Last night was just a cruel tease and has left me exhausted and dejected. Come on baby girl! We are ready!


One thought on “The 39 week tease

  1. But think of it if you had gone in and the contractions still stopped. They might have started pitocin and that could have set off the cascade of events leading to repeat c section. So as disappointing as it is, maybe its better this way. Hopefully all those contractions got you really nice and ready to go. 🙂

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