38 weeks

I’m really hoping that this is the last one of these that I write. Somehow I doubt it, but one can hope!

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a winter squash. She is estimated around 7 lbs and 19+ inches.

Weight: Up to +35. In the past four days or so I’ve really noticed the edema kicking in around my feet and hands, so guessing that is contributing.

Sleep: Two nights this week I’ve been woken by contractions. Friday they were strong and regular enough that I thought labor was starting. But it didn’t and they eventually died down. The nights that I haven’t had contractions I’ve actually slept pretty well!

Best Moment of the Week: Loved our perfect Mother’s Day celebrations with Bella, my mom, and Lance’s mom. We enjoyed a wonderful homemade breakfast and then we all went out to dinner that evening.

Movement:  Noticing more lower down movement but the doctor confirmed that she is definitely head down now and that she is actually pretty low.

Symptoms: Other than the contractions, the main symptom at this point is the back pain. New this week is the increased swelling but 80+ degree temperatures surely aren’t helping there.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Lance made a lovely looking fritatta for Mother’s Day but I couldn’t even try and eat it. The egg aversion has lasted for this entire pregnancy!

Belly Button: Not out.

What I Miss: Fitting into my clothes. I CANNOT WAIT to be able to wear normal clothing again. My maternity wardrobe was not built for these high temperatures! I’m starting to feel big and gross and I’m really looking forward to losing this weight. I have a few store gift cards that I plan on using for some cute new clothes as soon as I drop some pounds.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Ok this probably isn’t going to change from here on out – but baby girl’s arrival. 38 weeks and I’m ready! Other than that, I guess I’ll say our little neighborhood block party this Saturday. Bella adores her friends from the neighborhood and I know the plan is to have some fun outdoor games and water activities for them to do together while the adults (hopefully) relax!


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