Doctor’s Appointment Update

I guess now that I am to the point of weekly doctor’s appointments, I can start posting updates here as to how they went!

Today’s appointment was with one of my favorite doctors. He started the appointment with some not-great news that I tested positive for Group B Strep. In reality, this isn’t a huge deal since its not like I’m trying for a natural home birth or something. Basically it just means that if my water breaks I have to go in right away (which I’d probably do anyway) and that I need to get hooked up to IV penicillin as soon as I arrive. I’ll get two doses of penicillin so ideally I need to be at the hospital receiving the medication for at least four hours before baby is born. He said that about 35% of women are GBS carriers. Googling on my own tells me that if you get the antibiotics, you only have a 1 in 4000 chance of passing it to baby. If you don’t get the antibiotics the odds go up to 1 in 200. I’m a little worried that I could have fast labor like I did with Bella but he said if that happens, it also decreases the amount of time baby would be exposed to it – although if you don’t get both doses they do monitor baby closely for 48 hours.

Other than that, the appointment wasn’t too eventful. I’m curious about the status of my cervix but he didn’t offer to check and I’m not curious enough to ask at this point. Maybe next week. I’m still having contractions irregularly so just have to hope that they are moving things along.

Her heart rate was the highest it has been in a while – in the 150s and he said she is head down, back on the left, feet on my upper right, and that she is still pretty high up. He asked how long I wanted to go before scheduling a c-section and I said 41 weeks. I did find out that he is another doctor that is willing to induce between 40-41 if I don’t go into labor but have showed some cervical progression.

My next appointment is with one of the doctors who supposedly will not induce VBACs and loves to do c sections, so it’ll be good to hear what she actually has to say rather than just hear things based on her reputation!

Can’t believe tomorrow is the big 37 week milestone. Part of me doesn’t feel ready at all to have this baby and the rest of me is starting to get so uncomfortable that I’d be fine with her arriving today!


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