Brynn is here

Brynn Louise came into the world at 3:35 this morning weighing 7 lbs 13 oz and measuring 19 inches long.

Full birth story to come, but we did get a successful VBAC and she arrived less than 12 hours after my membranes were stripped in clinic! 

We are so in love again and just thrilled that she is here and healthy.



Nursery Reveal

Since there is no baby to reveal, might as well go ahead and share a few pictures of baby girl’s nursery. It has been mostly finished for over a month now, and the final touches (the sewing projects I’d been putting off) are done now as well.

This room is much more soft and gentle than Bella’s, which is what I was going for.


The crib skirt, rocking chair pillow, and curtains were sewn by me. The baby blanket, which is folded on the crib, is my first quilting attempt. Although its really a fake quilt because I didn’t have to do any piecing.

The rocking chair, crib, and dresser, were moved over from Bella’s room. The pouf, side table, and lamp are new from target. And the pretty bunting over the crib is from etsy!IMG_2697

Oh and the paint color is Vaguely Mauve by Sherwin Williams. I absolutely love the color although it is tricky to get a read on. It is sort of a purplish pink and it really depends on the way the light hits it!


The closet is still a bit of a hot mess. as that corner is filled with stuff that we are waiting to set up until she arrives, like the pack and play, swing, and mat. I figured I didn’t want to chase Bella from climbing on them until there was a baby around!


The small gallery above the dresser has a print from etsy, a free print found online, a pretty stained glass mirror that I’ve had since college, and a wonderful slate gift from Jen!


We put in more low bookshelves that she’ll be able to reach when she is a little older and filled them with books that Bella was willing to part with.

I may eventually add a few more touches to the room but for now we are gonna call it done and hope that we have a baby to bring home to it shortly!

The 39 week tease

I didn’t make my weekly post yesterday because I thought I was going to have a baby.

But I didn’t, and I’m not even in the hospital.

I had a late doctor’s appointment yesterday with Dr. G., the one who seemed to be the most on-board with making my VBAC happen. They were running so far behind, that it was almost 4:30 by the time she saw me. She checked me and said that I was 3-4 cm on the outside, 2-3 cm on the inside, and at -1 station. She was very happy with this because it already essentially made me eligible for a VBAC induction at 41 weeks although she didn’t think I’d get that far.

She then worked for a full 5 minutes on a membrane sweep. However, apparently my cervix was so soft and squishy that she was having trouble doing the sweep. I felt sort of crampy immediately, and after picking up Bella from daycare, the contractions started and were quickly 3 minutes apart. However, I could talk through them, so I called the nurse line just to see what they thought since they were very close together but not long enough or strong enough. She said to go about my evening and call back once they were stronger.

So since it was ladies night with my group of friends, I decided to keep those plans as a distraction. All through the drive there and dinner the contractions continued 3-5 minutes apart and were strong enough that I had trouble talking through some of them. I was pretty confident this was it and my one friend at ladies night who works in anesthesia with Lance even texted the OB anesthesia attending who was at the hospital to see which OB was working. Since it was one of the OBs that I don’t know well, and I knew Dr. G would be starting a 24 hour shift at 8 am, all the girls agreed (and we all go to the same practice) that the best strategy was to try and make it until 4-5 am so that I’d be close to Dr. G.’s shift starting.

Well I got home and things continued. They were strong but when I laid down they slowed way down. So I got back up and Lance and I sat and watched Letterman’s final show. Sitting back up made the frequency go back to every 5 minutes. When the Late Show ended, Lance went to bed and I decided to try and lay down as well to see if they would continue or stop. This time they continued so I laid in bed for about 30 minutes and then dozed off for 30 minutes. I woke up to two more strong contractions that got me out of bed and moving back around.

At this point I wish I would have just gone into the hospital. But I had that 3-4 am goal and it was only 2:30 am. So I laid back down, fell asleep, and they just stopped. I got up a few times to try and get them going again but once it seemed like they were really done, I decided it was just in my best interest to sleep.

So when Lance’s alarm went off at 7 I told him to just go to work and I got up and took Bella to daycare and came into work myself. I sent Dr. G. a message this morning asking if that was just false labor and she said its possible or they may start up again. She is at the hospital until 8 am tomorrow and said to come in and get checked if they pick back up at all.

I’m just so bummed. I thought for sure that was it and if I wasn’t trying to VBAC or a doctor I knew better had been working, I’m sure I would have gone in earlier because there would have been less fear of being pushed to a c-section.

So at this point I’m just praying my water breaks and I get that definitive sign to go in. Last night was just a cruel tease and has left me exhausted and dejected. Come on baby girl! We are ready!

The big girl bed transition

A little over a month ago, we made the big family transition of moving Bella from her crib into her “big girl bed”. We skipped right over the toddler bed and instead went for a twin bed that we actually found on the street when someone was moving out last year. It was super sturdy solid wood, so even though it looked like it had seen better days, we carried it home. Lance sanded the whole bed down and I put on two coats of primer and three coats of white paint, and it looked as good as new! We did have to buy plywood and a twin mattress, but I think overall we spent less than $30 on it (before the mattress), so we were happy given that its hard to even find solid wood furniture anymore!



But I know that you are less concerned with the actual bed and more wondering about how Bella is doing sleeping in it.

The good news is that once she is asleep, she sleeps just as good in there as she did in her crib. In lieu of bed rails, we actually taped three pool noodles together and placed them under the sheet on each side. This makes for a nice soft barrier that doesn’t impede sheet changes. Her first two nights in the bed, we only had one pool noodle on each side. That most definitely did not work, as she rolled off three different times and we found her sitting on the floor screaming each time. Thankfully, no falls since her second night when we bulked up the number of noodles on each side!

It is definitely harder to put her down for bedtime and especially nap time now. A few weeks ago at nap time she kept getting out of bed and trying to follow us. One morning she even got out of bed, opened her door, and came into our room! Thankfully those have been single occurrence events, so we are hoping she continues to not take advantage of her new freedom!



We’re hoping that doing this transition a few months before her sister arrives helps. She definitely could have stayed in her crib until she was at least 3, since she isn’t really a climber and still rolls all over the place through the night. The headboard has those nice shelves but we haven’t even tried putting things in them yet as many nights we’ll look on the monitor and realize her head is in the shelf! We also haven’t bothered with bedding yet other than a sheet and her crib blanket, since she still doesn’t sleep in one spot. That is something that will likely come this winter!

Overall, even though bedtime itself has gotten harder, we’re fortunate that the transition hasn’t been too hard. She loves putting her animals “nigh nigh” in bed with her and always talks about her “big girl bed”. Hopefully whenever baby starts sleeping in the crib she doesn’t get jealous!

Mother’s Day and Spring So Far

We had a great Mother’s Day this year, getting to celebrate with three generations! The day started with an awesome homemade breakfast from Lance.


There were waffles to go with the fruit, syrup, and powdered sugar 😉



My mom and I got pedicures while Bella napped, and then after some playtime at home, we all headed out for dinner. We had a great weekend visiting with family!

IMG_2693 IMG_2685 IMG_2682 IMG_2680Backtracking from Mother’s Day, we’ve been keeping busy this spring. It has been a great distraction for me as we get closer to my due date, and its been important to us that we try and find as many fun experiences for Bella as possible before her little world gets shaken! So here are some pictures of our fun over the past month or so.

IMG_2644 IMG_2647My best friend Jen and her two boys visited. The weather was horrible the whole time but we still had fun!

IMG_2677 IMG_2673

We went to a birthday party at the Museum of Life & Science. Bella was at her happiest between the ride on the choo choo train and the cake!

IMG_2668 IMG_2657 IMG_2652 IMG_2654 IMG_2672 IMG_2656 IMG_2651 IMG_2648And we went strawberry picking for the third straight year. As predicted, Bella absolutely loved it. On the way home she insisted on holding the bucket and she managed to eat a few on the five minute drive home. Good thing we live so close to the strawberry farm!

And a look back at the past two years picking strawberries.





There are so many more photos to share, so I’ll try and do a photo dump post one of these days, but for now, this will have to do!

38 weeks

I’m really hoping that this is the last one of these that I write. Somehow I doubt it, but one can hope!

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a winter squash. She is estimated around 7 lbs and 19+ inches.

Weight: Up to +35. In the past four days or so I’ve really noticed the edema kicking in around my feet and hands, so guessing that is contributing.

Sleep: Two nights this week I’ve been woken by contractions. Friday they were strong and regular enough that I thought labor was starting. But it didn’t and they eventually died down. The nights that I haven’t had contractions I’ve actually slept pretty well!

Best Moment of the Week: Loved our perfect Mother’s Day celebrations with Bella, my mom, and Lance’s mom. We enjoyed a wonderful homemade breakfast and then we all went out to dinner that evening.

Movement:  Noticing more lower down movement but the doctor confirmed that she is definitely head down now and that she is actually pretty low.

Symptoms: Other than the contractions, the main symptom at this point is the back pain. New this week is the increased swelling but 80+ degree temperatures surely aren’t helping there.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Lance made a lovely looking fritatta for Mother’s Day but I couldn’t even try and eat it. The egg aversion has lasted for this entire pregnancy!

Belly Button: Not out.

What I Miss: Fitting into my clothes. I CANNOT WAIT to be able to wear normal clothing again. My maternity wardrobe was not built for these high temperatures! I’m starting to feel big and gross and I’m really looking forward to losing this weight. I have a few store gift cards that I plan on using for some cute new clothes as soon as I drop some pounds.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Ok this probably isn’t going to change from here on out – but baby girl’s arrival. 38 weeks and I’m ready! Other than that, I guess I’ll say our little neighborhood block party this Saturday. Bella adores her friends from the neighborhood and I know the plan is to have some fun outdoor games and water activities for them to do together while the adults (hopefully) relax!

37 weeks!

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a honeydew melon. She is likely over 6 and a quarter pounds and 19 inches long. i.e. She is a full size baby now!

Weight: Right around +33. Hoping to stay around the +35 range although that’ll likely depend on when she decides to make her appearance.

Sleep: Not great but not horrible. It is definitely getting tougher and tougher to roll over and get in and out of bed. I didn’t eat my 9 pm bowl of cereal the other day and it had me awake and starving by 6 am! Lesson learned.

Best Moment of the Week: Hitting full term today! So exciting to know that she could literally arrive at any time now. I don’t think that she will, but her arrival is getting super close now!

Movement:  I think the movement is continuing to slow down. We can feel her knees pretty distinctly now on my right side. Dr. N. seemed to indicate yesterday that she is in prime position (other than that she hasn’t dropped) with head down, back and butt on my left and feet and knees and feet on my upper right.

Symptoms: The back pain is getting rough! It comes on now after only 5-10 minutes of standing. No idea how people with physical jobs continue to work at this point. I’m still having contractions that are occasionally painful but nothing near timeable yet. So other than the back pains and contractions, I’m feeling really good. My energy level is great for this point of pregnancy  and nothing else is making me too uncomfortable.

Food Cravings/Aversions: None really this week. I’m still really wanting sweets all the time but no specific cravings. I am, however, already starting to think about my post-delivery meal and it may have to be sushi!

Belly Button: Continuing to get flatter but still in.

What I Miss: It’d be nice to not feel overheated all the time. In the house, at work, outside (it has been in the low 80s all week)….yeah, pretty much everywhere I go I’m hot!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Both of our mothers are coming to visit tomorrow and staying with us through Mother’s Day. It’ll be so much fun to celebrate Sunday with three generations. We also have some other fun stuff going on this weekend. We’re taking one last date night on Friday with our neighbors across the street. We’ve actually never been able to hang out without kids so this will be a fun double date. Then Saturday morning we’ll go to a birthday party at a local museum with some good friends and Bella will get to ride her first choo choo train! She is so aware of the sound of a train now that when we are driving she often notices it and says “choo choo train” before I hear it!