Surprised and feeling the love

As I mentioned yesterday, Lance surprised me with an overnight babymoon after work on Friday. I brought Bella inside and saw an envelope on the kitchen island with my name on it. The envelope contained an invitation to dinner and breakfast at the Fearrington Inn, a super fancy five-star hotel and restaurant in the countryside, but only 30 minutes from home.

We’d stayed a night there to attend our friends’ wedding onsite when Bella was 10 months old and back then discussed returning for a night when we could have dinner in their famous restaurant. Lance’s mom and stepdad were already in town visiting so he had pre-arranged this getaway during their trip. Sneaky!

We had such a lovely evening and morning together and I truly felt spoiled the entire time. It’s definitely one of the nicer hotels I’ve ever stayed at, with chocolate truffles and port at bedtime, fresh apples and a snack basket in the room, luxurious robes to lounge in after you’ve stuffed yourself at dinner, etc. They supposedly have an amazing afternoon tea as well but with our 6 pm arrival we missed out on that. We (well Lance) had a beer outside while listening to bluegrass music before heading into our super fancy dinner.

our room!

our room!

chocolates too pretty to eat

chocolates too pretty to eat



I think dinner took three hours and was 4 courses plus several tastes in between. Everything was amazing and they even had a commemorative menu for us to take home.


such a wonderful restaurant

such a wonderful restaurant

Unfortunately, I slept horribly that night! I woke up around 4 am and ended up not falling back asleep until 5:45 am. Usually when I wake at night I fall right back asleep but that night I couldn’t until I finally ate half of one of those apples. So even though I went back to bed until around 8:45, I was still exhausted the rest of the day. We did get to have an amazing breakfast before we left though and stopped to look at the famous belted cows and goats!

IMG_5771 IMG_5772 IMG_5773

The great thing about this babymoon is that we were home before noon, so we got to have this lovely evening and morning out while only missing out on about 4.5 hours of awake Bella time. And she apparently had a great time playing with her grandparents while we were gone! So a win-win for everyone!

Then, to continue the surprises, last night at my monthly Ladies Night, I arrived to find pink balloons and presents on the table! Five of my friends from this particular group decided to call our monthly outing a little baby shower, which was just so sweet of them. We got some adorable outfits for baby girl and for Bella and they all chipped in to get us a week’s worth of meals from a local restaurant that does a program where you can pick up a week’s worth of dinner to enjoy. The whole thing was just so sweet and thoughtful and totally unexpected! I had just been excited for the cheese and chocolate fondue and they went ahead and made the night even more special.

my wonderful ladies night group!

my wonderful ladies night group!

As I drove home last night, I just couldn’t get over how extremely blessed I am to have these wonderful people in my life. I’ve made great friendships here over the passed few years, have an amazing husband who tries to make me smile every single day, in-laws who are incredibly easy to get along with and love their granddaughter to pieces, my own wonderful extended family, and friends from college that I’ve actually managed to stay in touch with and see semi-regularly. Sometimes the individual days are hard and we have bad things happen. But I always need to remember that I have a ton of people that are there for me and I’m learning to appreciate that love more and more every day.


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