35 weeks

Gosh, it really seems like time is flying now. I have a feeling that I’ll be feeling very differently as we get to 38-39 weeks and I start to get impatient, but for now I’m happy to be trucking along without complication or difficulty. This is actually the week that I was taken off of bedrest with Bella, and as my doctor said last week, the milestone at which there is no mandatory NICU stay at our hospital – so WOOHOO! Keep growing baby girl! We’ll be meeting you soon!

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a honeydew. She is 5 and a quarter pounds and nearing her full term length.

Weight: No update this week since its my last week without a doctor’s appointment. Crazy that starting next week I’ll be in the doctor’s office weekly!

Sleep: Overall pretty good. I had a terrible night of sleep on Friday (on our babymoon of course…more on that later) but every other night has been typical.

Best Moment of the Week: Two-fold – we had a great time visiting with Lance’s mom and stepdad and Bella was thrilled to have their company. She is definitely getting to the point where she LOVES grandparent visits. And we love both seeing those relationships develop and having a few moments to ourselves while she plays with them! And the second part that goes along with the first part was the fantastic surprise “babymoon” that Lance planned for me. I’ll have more on that in a separate post!

Movement:  I think I’m finally starting to feel a little less movement now that she is running out of space. I still feel her wiggling around but not the big kicks or whatever I was feeling previously.

Symptoms: Much better this week! The SPD has returned to a more “normal” pain now that I’m avoiding super long walks. Now its mainly just when I get up from sitting or laying that its at its worst. I’m having some braxton hicks that are getting a little more uncomfortable but haven’t had any more episodes where they are regular. Other than that, just the typical lots of peeing, back pain, and occasional shortness of breath.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still none really. Tonight is my ladies night at the local fondue restaurant. They do cheese and chocolate for $9 a person and its always a ton of fun. Of course I love cheese and chocolate whether I’m pregnant or not!

Belly Button: Still kind of weird looking. Don’t think its gonna pop.

What I Miss: Can’t say anything this week. Feeling very thankful to have made it to this point! .

What I Am Looking Forward To: My best friend Jen and her family are visiting this weekend and I’m looking forward to some relaxing, showing them around the area, and just letting the kiddos have some play time! Maybe having other kids stay in our house will help get Bella ready for baby’s arrival!


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