34 weeks

34 weeks is a big milestone! With Bella, this is when I was placed onto modified bedrest instead of strict bedrest, and today my doctor told me that at this point I wouldn’t even get steroid shots if I went into labor. So no more panicking on whether or not I should go into the hospital if I have a bunch of contractions. At this point there is no need to unless I’m actually in no-doubt-about-it labor! This is also the last week of mandatory NICU admission at our hospital. At 35 weeks she would only have to go if medically necessary.

My appointment today was with Dr. H., one of the younger doctors in the practice that did my emergency d&c back in July. She has been super nice ever since Lance fast-tracked us into an OR in the middle of the night back then, even telling me that I can email her directly rather than going through the online portal. So it was great to see her today and I know she is one I can count on for legit information. Her take on VBACs from within their practice. All of the doctors are comfortable with a membrane sweep around 39 weeks to try and get things going. All of the doctors are good with breaking my water if my cervix is favorable. All but 3 of the doctors (and she told me which ones) are ok with a gentle pitocin induction if my cervix is favorable. She also thinks that with the number of contractions I’ve been having and with the fact that my water broke at 39 weeks with Bella, that I’ll go into labor on my own.

So all of that makes me feel even better about VBAC than I did after my last appointment. It sounds like more doctors than not favor a gentle induction if needed and two of the three that don’t only work part-time – so odds of them being there that week are lower.

Phew – that was a long recap. But things are getting interesting now that we are getting closer! Oh, and I also thought I saw that when the medical assistant was entering in my blood pressure that I was 50% effaced at my last cervical check. Hoping that is true as it’d probably be a good sign for some natural labor. I should have asked the doctor but didn’t have the guts. Maybe next time.

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a cantaloupe. She is nearing 5 lbs and 18 inches long. My belly is measuring a week behind but she may just be on the shorter side like Bella was.

Weight: Ugh their scale said I gained 2 lbs in the past 9 days, even though according to my home scale I haven’t gained anything! Maybe it was because my appointment was right after lunch?

Sleep: I can’t wait until I don’t wake up to pee 2-3 times a night. Of course then I’ll be waking up for a crying baby instead.

Best Moment of the Week: Big girl bed success! After some difficulty with rolling out of bed the first two nights, things have *knock on wood* been going well since. No falling out and only an episode or two of brief crying. Still sleeping all night and needing to be woken up in the mornings. Glad to get the crib into baby’s room and starting to feel like we are at least close to ready for baby girl’s arrival!

Movement:  Lots of kicking in the upper right of my uterus and its very visible from the outside now. Love it!

Symptoms: So walking 2+ miles at Walk MS on Saturday was definitely not a good idea. A few hours later I developed horrendous pelvic pain called SPD. I had some of this with Bella but a little later on. It is at its worst when I try to get up from sitting or laying. It has tapered off since Saturday but still pretty horrible sometimes and tylenol does nothing. Mentioned it to the doctor today but since it doesn’t effect baby at all the best thing they can recommend is to get one of those support belts. I think I’m just going to avoid walking more than a mile at a time :-).

Food Cravings/Aversions: None really! I think as we get closer I’m just going to start anticipating the sushi, wine, and beer!

Belly Button: Feeling flatter but still looks like an innie.

What I Miss: Sleeping in! I usually wake up from a combination of hunger or having to pee. I think this weekend I’m going to eat a big snack before bed so that I can sleep until 8.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Baby girl’s arrival! Now that I’m 34 weeks everything becomes a lot less scary. And her nursery is almost starting to look like a nursery so that is something. We took out the bottles and pump parts last night and started sterilizing them and I washed and put away all of Bella’s newborn clothes. Still need to buy a few things for the nursery but the room is definitely coming along!


3 thoughts on “34 weeks

  1. I don’t know if you follow my blog but I just had a vbac via gentle pitocin induction and Foley bulb. Actually, I was on the pit for just about an hour and a half before my body took over and the pit was turned off. I hope you will have an easy successful vbac. 🙂

    • Yes I’m definitely hopeful for it! It sounds like they will schedule me to come in for an induction with one of the doctor’s that allows it as long as I am showing some sort of progress.

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