Easter and Passover 2015

It has been a busy few weeks around here. We’ve been welcoming the start of spring with open arms, and have had several visitors as well as made a trip to see my family in Pennsylvania.

As I suspected, Easter was a true hit this year. She’d been loving walking around the front yard looking for Titan’s poop, so I joked that she’d really enjoy an easter egg hunt. And boy did she. Our neighbor’s decided to host a hunt at their parent’s house and thoughtfully invited us. Bella loves anything with her little friends, and couple that with an easter egg hunt, treats, and a little craft activity, and she was in toddler heaven.

IMG_2466 IMG_2473 IMG_2477We’ve had a pretty mild spring so far but the morning of that Easter egg hunt was downright cold (for North Carolina)! But we all bundled up and with the sun shining brightly it wasn’t too bad.

kids and parents

kids and parents

family photo!

family photo!

Easter egg hunt with five kids = not over in 2 minutes

Easter egg hunt with five kids = not over in 2 minutes

We’re thankful that we’ve made such great friends that live right across the street from us and hope that we have many years of the kids having all of this fun together!

painting her bunny!

painting her bunny!

Mom Mom was in town and joined us for the easter egg hunt

Mom Mom was in town and joined us for the easter egg hunt

My cousin Alex visited that weekend as well!

My cousin Alex visited that weekend as well!

My cousin Alex, who hadn’t seen Bella in a year, also visited us from NYC that weekend and we had lots of fun catching up and playing!

And just a few days later, we made the trek up to Pennsylvania to visit with my family for Passover. We’ve decided that we won’t be going up there for Thanksgiving this year, so this will be our last trip for a year. We left around 6 pm and were very thankful that Bella did great in the car. She ate her dinner, watched a little bit of “Cars” and then passed out for the rest of the drive! Plus we hit almost no traffic so we made the trip in 6.5 hours!

After arriving late Thursday night, we started Friday off with a visit with Kate, Joe, Nolan, and baby Emmy. Somehow, despite the fact that Kate and I always have cameras in hand, we didn’t take a single picture. But it was great to see our friends and fun to see how much Bella have Nolan have grown from their previous adventures together. They are definitely able to interact much more than in the past!

From there we headed to my dad’s house and spent most of the rest of the day relaxing!

IMG_2543The next day was the big Passover Seder, and when I say big, I mean the biggest our family has ever done. There were 25 people seated at one long table! Bella did a great job and was mostly entertained by “big big cracker” aka matzah.


“big big cracker”


It was great getting to visit with her cousins, and its a shame we don’t get to see them more often.


enjoying her first taste of soup

IMG_2552 IMG_2539

The next morning, we took our annual family picture on my dad’s back deck. Tripods and timers for the win!

IMG_2571It was also Easter Sunday, so we dyed eggs and gave her an Easter basket!

Dying eggs was a fun new activity, and she was still talking about it today. Kind of a funny/sad story…she overheard Lance saying to me that if her dresser fell on her she’d die (we are in the process of finally anchoring the dressers to the wall now that she is out of her crib), and she started saying “Bella die”. And we said, “no, no, Bella can’t die”. And then she said “Bella dye eggs” and we realized she was remembering the fun she had dying eggs last week. Yikes, guess we really need to start watching what we say around her!


proud of their masterpieces!

IMG_2576 IMG_2579 IMG_2583 IMG_2600 IMG_2606 IMG_2609


What’s more fun than your new rain boots, sidewalk chalk, socks, and book? Fake grass of course.

On the way home, we stopped for our annual Easter dinner with the McIntyre’s. Once again, we did a terrible job at remembering to take pictures, but we did get one!


I know I’ve been saying this all year, but holidays have become so much fun now that Bella is old enough to enjoy all of the activities around them. I look forward to many more new traditions to go along with the ones that we’ve started in her first 2+ years of life!



5 thoughts on “Easter and Passover 2015

  1. Great pics hon! Glad you had a great holiday weekend. I’ve been so out of touch lately. Hope your pregnancy is going well! You look great! We have that book. I read 2 books to Archer every night and Guess How much I Love you is always the second 🙂

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