The VBAC Talk

Today was the doctor’s appointment that Lance and I had earmarked for having a VBAC discussion. 1) We were meeting with one of the doctor’s that we knew was very natural birth/VBAC friendly and that wouldn’t rush us through our questions, and 2) Lance had the day off of work so he could accompany me and help me ask questions/ hear her replies.

So after waiting over 45 minutes for the doctor to come in, which is just crazy for a 9:45 am appointment, thankfully, the first thing she really asked us was whether we’d given thought to a VBAC. It was frustrating that she was running so behind for a morning appointment (I purposely schedule morning appointments when possible just to help minimize odds of delays), but we could hear some very loud patients in the room next to us while we waited so there was obviously some sort of drama going on that I’m sure was not her fault!

Anyway, the talk with this doctor was very positive. Like all of the other OBs in the practice, she said I was a great candidate for a VBAC. She said that there are online calculators of success rate and for someone like me it’d probably be in the 70% range. She said that all of the doctors in their practice are pro-VBAC, with the main differences being how comfortable some of them are with helping you to progress if you stall.

While Dr. K. had told me that I’d have to go into labor on my own to VBAC, Dr. G today said that as long as my cervix was showing signs of readiness, she’d allow me to come in and break my water at the hospital between 40-41 weeks and see what happened. She indicated no matter what they’d probably schedule a c-section at my 37 week appointment for 41 weeks, but that we could work with her call schedule to at least give a go with induction just prior to then. I thought this was great news and takes away at least SOME of the pressure on having to go into labor on my own (although still some pressure because even she won’t try and induce me if my cervix is still high and totally closed).

The main difference at first between me as a VBAC patient and someone else is that I’d need some extra monitoring. She said she is still ok with intermittent monitoring (until I get my epidural) but it really sounds like it is going to be luck of the draw with which doctor is at the hospital when I go into labor. They’d also prefer me to have an epidural but she said she personally won’t push for one early.

I told her that while I definitely want a VBAC, I’m not going to hold so strongly to one that I risk the health of our baby and myself.  So really at this point we are just going to have to wait and see what happens. What I don’t want, is to make it to 41 weeks and then need a c-section, knowing that if I just opted for a repeat c-section from the beginning, I could have my baby in my arms by May 20th. But we’ll try and not think about that and hope that my patience isn’t super tested towards the end.

The other piece of good news was that she did check on baby’s position and felt pretty confident that she is head down. I read today that only 3% of babies are breech at term, so hopefully I’m not  on the wrong end of that statistic twice!

So now I’m finally going to get on track with my appointments going forward (today was my 32 week appointment but I’m 32 weeks and 5 days) and my next appointment will be with Dr. H (who performed my emergency D&C in July) at 34 weeks. I’ll then see Dr. H again at 36 weeks and move into the weekly appointments at that point! Crazy that I’m already scheduled up until 37 weeks.

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous all week and we have a lot of fun planned for April, so I’m hoping this makes the wait for baby girl’s arrival an easy one!


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