32 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a jicama and should be nearing the four pound mark! If born today she’d have a great shot at having minimal major complications (with my bedrest during Bella’s pregnancy, 32 weeks was a big goal!).

Weight: Up to +27. Still have a chance of gaining what I did with Bella but looking more and more like I’ll be a few pounds heavier this time. It’s hard watching the scale tick up but I have to have faith that I’ll be able to lose it as easily as I did with her.

Sleep:  Sleep is somewhat improved but still not great. Most nights I’m only waking up 2 times which is way better than once an hour.

Best Moment of the Week: Our visit from mom mom and Aunt Alex! Bella got lots of extra attention and had fun visiting with family. We also had a blast at our neighbor’s easter egg hunt and I was so impressed at how well she did. She even started offering her eggs to her little friends!

Movement:  There are definitely some knees or feet or something just above my belly button. I can now really feel her push out sometimes!

Symptoms: The nausea has improved from last week and is a lot more sporadic now. I’ve also been feeling less back pain the past few days. My SPD that I had with Bella is getting worse but still not as bad as it was with her. Overall this has been a pretty good week! I still feel really big but I know that is only going to get worse!

Food Cravings/Aversions: I want a milkshake.

Belly Button: I don’t think it’s going to pop!

What I Miss: Drinking a nice cold beer outside with friends. Thankfully a May due date should allow for some enjoyment this summer!

What I Am Looking Forward To: We’ll be heading up to visit family and friends this weekend. While I’m a little worried about the drive (for both me and Bella), it’ll be so nice to see everyone.


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