31 weeks

Since I didn’t write a separate post, I guess I’ll recap Monday’s doctor’s appointment here. I’ve been having increased pressure and nausea that started around the same time, so the doctor asked if she could do a cervical check. I was assuming I wasn’t dilated but thought maybe I’d started to thin, but she said I was high and closed, so that takes away a lot of worry! The visit actually started with an intern (I had literally just told a friend that I had only ever seen one intern/resident in clinic so I clearly jinxed myself) talking to me, listening to the heartbeat (140s), and checking baby’s position. I’m pretty sure she had no idea what she was feeling for. She said she “thought” baby was head down but said it could also be the butt. Awesome. The attending was supposed to check but we all got distracted by the cervical exam and she never did. As I said to Lance that night, I’m not sure how the intern is supposed to learn if she never gets verification that she was feeling head or butt. For long time readers, you may remember that the only other time I’ve seen an intern/resident in clinic she told me Bella was head down from LOOKING AT AN ULTRASOUND. But she was wrong and the attending corrected her and told her it was Bella’s butt. So yeah. I still think baby is head down because everything feels totally different than with Bella, but we’ll definitely need to get this actually checked at our next appointment!

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a coconut and over three pounds now! This is when she starts growing super fast and really packing on the weight.

Weight: Up to +27. Still have a chance of gaining what I did with Bella but looking more and more like I’ll be a few pounds heavier this time. It’s hard watching the scale tick up but I have to have faith that I’ll be able to lose it as easily as I did with her.

Sleep:  Sleep continues to vary between tolerable and horrendous. I wake up a minimum of two times a night on a “good” night, and on the horrendous ones, like this past Saturday, I was up every hour. Thankfully it was a weekend!

Best Moment of the Week: Watching Bella have the time of her life at the local kids museum. We made an unwritten list of things that we want to do before baby #2, which includes a lot of fun activities for our first born. This little outing was on the list and we loved watching her run around and play! Sidenote: maybe I should actually write that list and post it here so that we are more accountable?

Movement:  Still lots of movement and I’m starting to be able to feel body parts through my belly. There is something (hopefully a foot) in the top right part of my belly that we can frequently see and feel!

Symptoms: Guess what has made an unwelcome recurrence? My nausea! And unlike the first trimester, it seems to last all. day. long. Ugh. At my appointment on Monday the doctor said it could be heartburn masking itself as nausea and offered my a prescription for zofran or zantac. I declined for now but it is certainly not fun to deal with. In the first trimester I welcomed nausea because it was a reminder that I was pregnant and that things were going well. But now? I have enough other pains and a giant belly for that reminder and certainly don’t need this to go with it!

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still no big cravings although I think the orange juice craving may be coming back. Eating in general has been a little harder with the nausea, but I have to force something down because the hunger still manages to shine through no matter how crappy I feel.

Belly Button: Bella has been having a lot of fun poking my belly button lately. But it’s still in.

What I Miss: Walking without pain. Now that daylight savings is here and it is getting warmer, I’d love to be going on longer walks. But my back just kills me if I go more than half a mile. I’m sure I’ll still keep going (especially once I’m full term and anxious to evict my tenant), but it’d be nice if it didn’t hurt so bad.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Lots! Tomorrow is our L&D tour and afterwards Lance and I are going out to dinner at a new asian fusion tapas restaurant that our friends have been raving about. My mom is here visiting now and my cousin will be here to visit over the weekend. We’re doing an Easter Egg hunt with our neighbors on Sunday and I think Bella will be super into it this year. Bella’s big girl bed is just about done and after Easter we’ll make the bed/crib swap and I’ll finally be able to set up the nursery!


2 thoughts on “31 weeks

  1. A head or a butt…wow impressive diagnostics there, lol. I thought I was feeling a butt over by my ribs and just found out Monday that I’ve been lovingly rubbing his knees 🙂

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