27 weeks

At some point, I’m going to actually post a bump picture. Unlike Bella’s pregnancy, where Lance took a picture of me in the same outfit every week, this time I haven’t done anything. I take an occasional selfie of the bump when I remember, but nothing nice enough that I’d want to post it here. Maybe if we have a snow day tomorrow (we’re forecasted to get 1-12″) I’ll get that done.

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a bunch of bananas! I didn’t get a size measurement at my last ultrasound, so we’ll just have to go with that. She should be around two pounds now!

Weight: I was +22 at the doctor on Monday. That seems like a ton but as long as I can average a pound a week from here on out and no more, I’ll be right around where I was with Bella, and all of that weight came off in about three months.

Sleep:  Sleeping very well again. Passing out easily at night and only waking up once or twice at most. I know the approaching third trimester is going to make sleep more difficult so hoping to hold onto this good sleep for as long as possible!

Best Moment of the Week: Just having a nice, family weekend. We were able to take it pretty easy, get some stuff done around the house, and enjoy a lot of time together.

Movement:  It was confirmed at my appointment that baby girl is head down, which explains why things are feeling very different on the movement-front this time. I’m getting a lot of poking and pressure in my right hip, so somehow she must be reaching that with her arm/elbow/some body part!

Symptoms: The braxton hicks have really calmed down. I had one very strong one yesterday but thankfully it was just a single contraction. I worry if I’m feeling them this much now, what it is going to be like in a few months. Other than that, I feel really good right now. I get occasional excruciating back pain but thankfully it isn’t constant and isn’t every day.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Craving orange juice. Haven’t bought any yet but I might need to!

Belly Button: No changes.

What I Miss: I really wanted a glass of wine with the butternut squash risotto we made the other night. I know a lot of people say a glass is fine at this point, but I’m not ready to take that on quite yet. Maybe in another month or two?

What I Am Looking Forward To: SNOW! We had light snow all day yesterday, but it only amounted to about an inch and a half (of course daycare closed at 1 pm for it and opened two hours late today). But tonight they are saying we could get 8-12″! That would be by far the biggest storm in my nine winters in NC. Of course they are also saying we could only end up with 1-3″, but I hope that isn’t the case. I’ve been on a mission to find Bella snow boots, pants, and waterproof gloves, but I can’t find any anywhere. Guess we are going to have to make a duct tape/plastic bag outfit!


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