26 weeks

We’re back home and have been enjoying getting back into the normal routine. Today marks 26 weeks. Feeling very good about getting further and further past that 24 week viability mark.

Size of Baby: Baby is the length of a scallion and weighing closer to 2 lbs. We should get a measurement at the ultrasound on Monday!

Weight: Still haven’t stepped on a scale. Will get an update on Monday.

Sleep:  After sleeping great our first few nights in London, I started having trouble falling asleep. I seem to be doing better again the past few nights at home.

Best Moment of the Week: Arriving home and greeting Bella when she woke up from her nap. I’m not sure how excited she was to see us, or if she realized we’d been gone a week, since she just kind of gave us this look, and then proclaimed, “no shoes” (letting us know that she didn’t wear her shoes for her nap).

Movement:  They are getting stronger and stronger and I’m starting to notice them in specific spots now. It “feels” like she is still head down and hoping that is the case!

Symptoms: I’m having more and more braxton hicks and trying not to freak out. I emailed one of my doctor’s and she basically told me to go to L&D if I have more than 5-6 in an hour. Right now I’ve been on that 4-5 in an hour borderline a few times but then they die down and space out, so I haven’t gone in. Really trying to just make it to my cervical length check on Monday so that we know if they are actually doing anything and a need to worry.

Food Cravings/Aversions: I’ve really wanted pancakes lately. We made some for our snow/ice day yesterday. Everyone approved!

Belly Button: No changes.

What I Miss: Warm weather! If we aren’t going to get a ton of snow, I’d rather be outside playing with Bella. Not to mention that we still have to finish sanding and painting her big girl bed which would be much easier to do outside if it were a bit warmer.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Monday’s appointment. Really hoping everything is holding steady. This is also my last 2nd trimester appointment and we move to every two weeks after this one! Also excited to keep working on baby girl’s room. Yesterday we took advantage of the unexpected day off and did the painting during Bella’s nap. Glad to finally be making progress.


4 thoughts on “26 weeks

  1. I didn’t have issues with preterm labor but I did have Braxton hicks like crazy! I noticed they happened more when I had been walking a lot and when I needed to pee. Sitting and/or using the bathroom always helped. Not sure if that’s of use to you. Glad all is going well. It’s been so much fun to follow along.

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