25 weeks

Writing from London today! We are midway through our babymoon and having a great time. Missing Bella a lot but watching videos of her and pointing out things she’d like (ie giant monkeys at Harrod’s).

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a rutabaga. She should be around 1.5 lbs now.

Weight: Yep no scales on this side of the pond 😉

Sleep: I’ve had more sleep over the past few days than I’ve had since Bella was born. After not sleeping at all on our red eye, and only getting a 45 minute nap, we both slept 12 hours that night. Then the past two nights we’ve slept 9-10 hours. It feels wonderful and is great since I know it’ll be years until we have this opportunity again!

Best Moment of the Week: We are having a blast in London. As hard as it is being away from Bella, it’s nice having the chance connect as a couple.

Movement: They are getting stronger and stronger! Love feeling her jab me!

Symptoms: It’s hard feeling as out of shape as I do. I was huffing and puffing to reach our seats at the top of Stamford Bridge tonight.

Food Cravings/Aversions: None.

Belly Button: In. Although feeling a little flatter than it has.

What I Miss: Stamina. I’m winded so easily now!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Enjoying the rest of this trip and then reuniting with the family when we get home!




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