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With Bella’s second birthday, I decided that I’d be ending our “formal” monthly posts. But here I am, a day after her 25th month, and realizing that I need to catch everyone up on the month that was.

So while these won’t occur with the regularity that they did previously, I hope to at least pop in with some photos and videos of our everyday life.

Bella is just seeming so big lately. Her language is really coming along now, both in english and spanish. Her counting skills, not so much.

We took advantage of January’s warmer days and spent time outside. Bella has been loving her bike! And learning how to walk Titan!



We’ve also been spending a lot of time playing with the neighbor kids. Bella thinks that their garage is her own personal toy store.


During my big work event, Lance and Bella boarded Titan and drove up to stay with me for a few days. She was not happy saying goodbye to Titan.

While I worked, they took advantage of the hotel pool for some swimming! She’s been “swimming” in the bath tub but has really missed the pool.


Her favorite part about my event was easily the zamboni’s. As “zamboni” is a difficult word, she spent the whole time calling them “boobies”.

After spending 11 nights out of town, January was over in a hot minute. February is bringing with it our babymoon to London and some much-needed downtime at home. Looking forward to settling in and really beginning to nest for baby girl’s arrival!


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