23 weeks

One week until viability! I’m so relieved that my big work event is over. It feels good to be home. Let the nesting begin!

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a large mango. We learned at the appointment on Monday that her weight is estimated at 1.3 lbs already!

Weight: +18 as of Monday. This is two pounds ahead of where I was with Bella.

Sleep:  I’ve been totally exhausted since returning home. I took yesterday off of work but for some reason only napped for an hour. I should have napped for a few hours straight.

Best Moment of the Week: Coming home! After 11 nights in a hotel, 8 of which were without Lance and Bella, it felt good to arrive home to my own bed.

Movement:  The kicks and punches are getting stronger and stronger. I love feeling her move around.

Symptoms: I’m having braxton hicks daily now but they aren’t too strong at this point. At my appointment I was told it was completely normal. Other than that, feeling pretty good right now!

Food Cravings/Aversions: None.

Belly Button: In. I don’t think it is coming out.

What I Miss: A nice glass of wine. The hotel that I stayed in twice gave me nice gift baskets with wine last week and both times I had to give them to Lance. It definitely would have been nice to put my feet up with a nice glass at the end of the day!

What I Am Looking Forward To: More nesting! Yesterday I spent 2 hours cleaning. There is still a lot more to do (let’s just say cleaning doesn’t happen when I’m out of town). I’m also ready to really start working on baby girl’s room! I picked out a paint color and now we just have to get the junk out of her room and slap it up on the wall so that I can figure out how to decorate!


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