Doctor’s Appointment Update

My event is over! On my way home today, I stopped for my double appointment. First up I had an ultrasound to check my cervix measurement. The appointment was with the same NP who I’ve seen with all of my pregnancies, successful and unsuccessful. It’s sad that I’ve been to see her over the course of five pregnancies, but its nice that she actually knows who I am and knows my history without having to even look at a chart.

Anyway, all looked great! First she peeked at baby with the abdominal ultrasound to just have a look. All looked good and baby girl was super active. Her measurements were right on target or a little ahead and her weight was estimated at 1.3 pounds. She’s also head down (but not touching the cervix) and has plenty of fluid around her. Heartbeat looked great at 145 bpm. The NP was very pleased with all of this!


After that appointment, I switched rooms to meet with the other NP on staff for my every-4-weeks check-up. I think I spent all of one minute with her. She didn’t even take a listen on the doppler since we had just measured and listened to the heartbeat. The one question I had was about increasing my physical activity. After averaging around 17,000 steps a day over the past 10 days and my cervix looking great, I just wanted some reassurance that I was now safe to be as physically active as a normal pregnant woman. It was advised that I not run, but I’m safe to do plenty of walking, use the elliptical, or do any other prenatal workout. Might be time to get a gym membership once again!

ps I thought that black spot on her head was an alien eye, but Lance informs me its part of her brain and not some crazy alien eye. I feel better now.


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