Christmas 2014

I’ve been debating which to post first, Christmas, or Bella’s second birthday, but I guess it really doesn’t matter. So I guess I’ll at least TRY to go a little more in order.

Hard to believe that Christmas was already a week and a half ago! We had a great time at home with Bella and Lance’s mom and stepdad. We ate good food, watched a lot of football, and played with lots of toys!

IMG_5180A few days before Christmas, Bella met Santa at our local Bass Pro Shop. Let’s just say it didn’t go so well.

Lance had to work at the hospital on Christmas Eve day, but luckily was home by 3 pm! He was home in time to make his delicious pizzas! For the second straight year we made two pizzas for Christmas Eve dinner. They aren’t easy, but turn out great. I think these were his best pizzas yet! One is a Hawaiian and the other is the Pioneer Woman’s favorite pizza (pesto base with eggplant and cherry tomatoes). Yum!

IMG_2066We gave Bella a pair of Christmas jammies to open on Christmas Eve and put her to bed so that we could start adding all of the presents under the tree. So. Many. Presents!

IMG_2073Our big present to Bella this year was a radio flyer bike. It is one of those convertible ones that you can push while they are younger and then is a tricycle when they are old enough to pedal. Spoiler alert: she absolutely loves it. But it was our first real experience with putting together kid’s toys and it was an experience! Amazes me that you have to do so much assembly on methods of transportation. Seems dangerous! Thankfully Lance eventually figured it out.

Last year, Lance had made waffles for everyone Christmas morning, but this year I wanted to try one of those make-ahead recipes from Pinterest. I chose a lightened up creme brûlée french toast  recipe and it turned out pretty good. Not great, but was at least easy since all we had to do was stick it in the oven Christmas morning!

IMG_2072Christmas Day was basically spent opening presents and eating. It may be the last year for this, but the five of us tried to open our presents one by one. Bella would sometimes insist on opening other people’s presents, and she actually ended up getting so burnt out on all of the present opening that we finished up after nap. IMG_2100

IMG_2096Grandma Charlotte and Grandpa James bought her a new stroller for her baby dolls, and it was a big hit! As was the sparkly pink jacket!

IMG_2107Excuse the blurry photo, but after all of the present-opening it was time for dinner! Our brisket had cooked in the slow cooker all day, so all we had to make was our orzo salad, sweet potato casserole, and our no knead bread recipe. Happy to say that the bread came out the best we’ve ever had – probably attributed to the hotter oven in our new house.




It was such a nice day and the celebrations were able to continue since we both took Friday off to stay home and spend time with the family.

Of course, thanks to Bella’s daycare, Christmas wasn’t over on the 25th this year. They had their annual Christmas Show on the 29th!

The video cracks me up. Bella is the one towards the left that is super over-exposed. I’m just glad she didn’t cry!

Overall it was a very merry Christmas. It was so neat watching the difference in her excitement this year versus last year. She loved looking at the tree and of course, opening presents. I’m sure next year with an almost-three-year-old and a baby will be even more exciting! Looking forward to adding new activities like visiting light displays, leaving cookies for Santa, and watching Christmas movies together.


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