Bella: 2 Years Old!

We’re going to skip Christmas recaps for now and celebrate Bella’s second birthday! Our little girl turned two yesterday, so this is the last of her monthly recaps on here!

2 yearsLike last month, we’ve continued to see huge jumps in vocabulary. There are new words all the time now, and lots of new combinations of putting words together. It has made life so much easier that she can communicate what she wants to drink (leche or agua) or occasionally what she wants to eat. She even tells us when she has gone poo poo and sometimes asks for a new diaper. We are loving this development!

New words for December: Choo choo, eat, tie, move, boot, snow, adios, door, gogurt (yogurt), aqui (spanish for here), abre (spanish for open), crockli (broccoli), hockey, cork (fork), “one, dos, three”.

I’m sure there are more but we have been having trouble keeping up!

IMG_5118IMG_5114 IMG_5148 IMG_2108Favorites this month include all things baby! She is really into feeding baby, changing baby’s diaper, and putting baby “nigh nigh”. Bella and grandma Charlotte have been taking care of her babies all week and having a good old time.

There has also been lots of hugging on Titan and putting Titan “nigh nigh”. She loves baths right now and tries to gather all of her foam letters into her arms and carry them around the tub. Riding on daddy’s back “like a Titan” is also a frequent request and is assured giggles! We also have to be a bit more careful now that she can move her stool and reach the counters when she wants something!

There is also a bit of a “mine” phase that we’re going through now but it seems to only apply to certain toys. She shares nice sometimes but for the most part there is still a lot of parallel play going on. Even though she isn’t great at sharing yet, she loves being around other kids so we are setting up more play dates with our friends and neighbors. Sounds like a good way to get through the winter!

It’s hard to believe that it has been two years since we welcomed our first baby girl into the world. She is full of affection and love and is generally a very happy little girl. We love you baby girl!


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