Anatomy Scan results!

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been busy gathering supplies for our gender reveal and baking snickerdoodles ;-).

But, the anatomy scan went really well. They were late in bringing us back, which amazed us for an 8 am appointment. And once they finally got to it, baby was being extra squirmy so it took a really long time to get the results. I was in the ultrasound room for almost an hour and a half! She even had to come back and re-scan to get pictures of the cord insertion after the doctor told her she hadn’t gotten good enough pictures. It took so long that Lance had to leave before they finished so that he could make it to see his first patient.

The short of it is that everything with baby looked perfect. Heart good. Brain good. Saw stomach, kidneys, spine, feet and hands, etc. It took a little while to determine the gender because baby’s legs were a little too close together, but eventually it was clear! We did  get a brief scare that my cervix was already on the shorter side, since all of the measurements with the abdominal ultrasound were under 3. But with my history, they wanted a closer look so they did the internal scan and on that one the measurements were between 3.2 and 4.1…so much, much better!

At the end, the doctor came in and said that things looked perfect. I of course took advantage of having the high-risk doc in the room and asked him questions about pre-term labor and short cervix. Basically for now we just monitor (my OB said every 4 weeks but he said every 2 weeks…so need to figure that out). If it starts to shorten then they’ll look at either progesterone or cerclage, depending on just how short it gets. He did say that since I had contractions with my short cervix, I likely would’t have a short cervix without the preterm labor.

But enough of all this…who wants to see pictures?!

Baby R 2 Baby R 7 Baby R

I love that first picture so much! The other 3D pics just look creepy so I’m not even posting them!

I’m looking forward to our gender reveal Thursday morning. Just in case I needed something else to look forward to Christmas morning. I am super excited to see Bella’s joy when she sees a big pile of presents….she loves unwrapping them so much! Even if they don’t belong to her.


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