Anatomy Scan Eve

With Bella’s pregnancy, on the eve of my anatomy scan, I did a breakdown of all of the gender old wives tales and theories. All of them pointed to girl except for the nub theory, which was borderline leaning towards boy. Of course I felt very strongly that I was carrying a girl and that intuition proved correct.

This year, I’m feeling too lazy to do the full breakdown, and I’ll also say that I’m not feeling a super strong intuition! At first, I really did feel like I was carrying another girl. Mainly because my symptoms were so similar to how I felt with Bella. But lately I’ve felt a bit more like we may have a little boy in there. So I’m sort of at a loss on the whole intuition thing.

The heart rates are once again on the higher side (old wives tale for girl) and I obviously had a ton of nausea again (again girl). But who knows…as Lance says, no matter what I predict, I have a 50/50 chance of being right.

I also think this time I am way less focused on gender and way more worried about bad news. With Bella’s pregnancy, once I got past 12 weeks, I really thought everything would be fine. And obviously with the good anatomy scan at 18 weeks, I really thought everything could be perfect. I had no idea that I would go into preterm labor with no warning and spend 9 weeks scared to death of delivery early.

So while I’m a bit anxious for a good cervical length measurement, I’m not sure how reassuring that would even be since I had a “good” measurement at 18 weeks with Bella.

I plan on updating tomorrow with news of whether or not we found out the gender and if everything looks good, but the gender reveal is scheduled for Christmas morning! Wish me luck sleeping tonight!


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