Catching Up

That is going to be the theme for the weekend. And it’s also the theme for tonight’s blog post. I haven’t been good at sharing much on here lately. But life has been busy, and I feel like I rarely have a moment to catch up.

I’ve kind of hinted at it on here, but we hit the road on three straight weeks. For Thanksgiving, we traveled to Pennsylvania to spend the holiday with family. After arriving back on Sunday, the following Thursday, Lance and I headed south to Charleston so that he could speak at a work conference. Then, after getting back that Sunday, Lance departed for Las Vegas for ANOTHER work conference on Thursday, while Bella, Titan, and I headed back north to DC to visit Jen and her family.

So yeah…it has been a whirlwind. But now we are staying put for at least a couple of weeks, and we have this weekend to finalize holiday preparations! And maybe catch up on some things around the house. We’ll see.

For now I figure it is a good time to catch up on the fun of the past few weeks!

I didn’t take a ton of pictures in Charleston, but we did have an awesome little getaway weekend! The hotel we stayed at was gorgeous, and it was right downtown near the straw market. In between Lance’s work obligations we went to a nice lunch, a nice dinner, did a little shopping, and went on a horse-drawn carriage tour of the city. While he worked, I enjoyed a wonderful prenatal massage, did some leisure reading, and did a lot of walking/window shopping. On our two full days there I clocked 15,000 and 17,000 steps on my fitbit. Wow! Shows the difference between downtown and suburban life!



awesome holiday train display at the hotel

awesome holiday train display at the hotel

best possible end to my birthday…tollhouse pie

best possible end to my birthday…tollhouse pie

luxurious hotel room

luxurious hotel room

our guide on our tour of downtown!

our guide on our tour of downtown!

We left Charleston first thing Sunday morning so that we’d be home in time to still spend most of the day with Bella. And I had a fun activity planned! We had over the neighbor girls to do some cookie decorating! I was surprised that Bella understood how to push the cookie cutters into the dough, but she really enjoyed it. Although towards the end she treated the dough like play doh.

And of course, you know she enjoyed eating her very first Christmas cookie!

IMG_1950 IMG_1951 IMG_1956 IMG_1962IMG_1963


And finally, our trip to DC meant lots of time playing with friends! Spending a few days with a 3.5 year old and a just-about one year old gave Bella a great opportunity to show me how she’d interact over longer periods of time with other kids. Saturday she did really well, and seemed to have a lot of fun playing with the boys. But Sunday was a different story, and I was really able to see that she has a long way to go before her sharing skills are up to par!

During our trip, we also took in the train display at the Botanical Gardens. It was so neat for me, but I’m not sure Bella really observed much of what was around her. She did notice the fountains but somehow ignored the trains and instead demanded cheerios.

IMG_1985 IMG_1986 IMG_5160 IMG_5166 IMG_2009 IMG_5171 IMG_5175

I’m thankful to have a friend that I’ve kept such a close relationship with *gasp* 10+ years after college. Looking forward to many more fun visits as the kids continue to grow!

So that is the non-holiday wrap-up of December so far. Now we get into Hanukkah, Christmas, and Bella’s birthday. She has already been having fun watching us light candles and opening a present every night. And many more celebrations to go!


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