Thanksgiving 2014

Lance and I just returned for a quick little getaway to Charleston, South Carolina! Lance was speaking at a conference and I was celebrating my 32nd birthday.

But last week we spent 5 days in the Philadelphia suburbs visiting my family. While the drive is not fun, its always nice to get up there and visit with the extended family.

Our first full day there, we had the added surprise of some snow! Thankfully, Bella loved it this year just as much as she did last year!

IMG_1825 IMG_1827IMG_1834

Bella kept herself pretty entertained playing with toys, and all of pop-pop Larrie’s rocks.

IMG_1845 IMG_1856

We had an non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, as some last minute changes forced us to have a Boston Market-supplied turkey and sides. But we made the best of it and decided to eat on paper plates and watch the Eagles game. Oh well! The good news is that the tentative plan is for us to host next year after this year’s debacle!


IMG_1863 IMG_1867


The following day, we headed to my dad’s house for a gathering with more family. It was so much fun watching Bella actually play with her cousins!

IMG_1892 IMG_1906


Another big change from last year is that Bella actually enjoys opening presents! She got to open a few Hannukah presents before the party started and then once guests arrived, even found a present intended for her newborn cousin and opened that before we could stop her!



There was a ton of food sitting out during the party and all she wanted to do was eat it! We at least tried to make sure she was mostly getting the healthy stuff.



All dressed up for the party!

All dressed up for the party!

We finished our trip with a playdate on Saturday at our Penn State/North Carolina friends Kate and Joe’s house. Their son Nolan is 9 months and continuing a theme, this was the first time they were really able to play together! Bella kept wanting to play with Nolan’s most favorite toys of course, but they figured out a good compromise.

IMG_1917 IMG_1919


I’m so glad we were able to make our annual trip up north. We were able to spend time with our parents and see some friends and extended family as well!




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