Bella: 23 months

This fall has flown by just as I thought it would, and now we are only a month away from Bella’s second birthday!

23 monthsThe two biggest developments this month have been the continued growth of her language skills and her complete turn into a daddy’s girl! Whenever Lance is around he is who she prefers. Good for me, that especially includes diaper changes!


Racing around the house with dada!She has added a ton of new english words and a few new spanish words as well. 

English words: treat (usually stated as a phrase…Titan treat), mine, teeth, yogurt, apple, red (reh), blue (boo), hello (heyo), cracker, clean, house, keys. miss (as in Ms Gloria, her teacher)
Spanish words: sucio (dirty), ashay (leche…milk)

There are probably more as well that we forgot to write down. It feels like we are at the word a day phase!

Bella is also obsessed with babies right now, which is probably a good thing! We went to the local children’s museum and she spent 30 minutes changing the diapers of six babies that were for some reason stationed with the ambulance.




IMG_1756We may have some work to do on teaching her that you don’t hold babies by the ankle.

For the most part, she is a happy, independent little girl. We’re starting to have a few more tantrums, and she loves to say “no” to us (but seems to say it much less to others). But there is still that sweetness and she loves ending each night with a family hug and kisses.


IMG_1770She has had two colds in the past three weeks, but other than that, daycare seems to be going very well. It is so much fun watching her actually play with her classmates now!

We are definitely in the full force of toddlerhood now. Joyous one minute. Screaming her face of the next (in this case because a toe nail clipper may have gotten near her toes…we’ve yet to be successful in actually trimming them).

Her last month as a one year old is sure to be fun and filled with holiday preparations and family visits! I can’t believe in one month we’ll have a two year old (and that it will be 2015! eek!).


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