Despite the fact that I’d already had six good looking ultrasounds to date, I was terrified going into today’s NT scan. I think three miscarriages just makes you scared to death of all ultrasounds.

Our practice sends us to a maternal fetal medicine office that is part of the same university health system for first trimester screenings and anatomy scans. So I’d been here twice before with Bella’s pregnancy and once to confirm my second miscarriage (the one where the baby’s heart kept beating even though it stopped growing for almost two weeks). After a ridiculous 35 minute wait and watching every other person get called back including three people that came in after us, we were finally called back and the sonographer was so sweet and apologetic that I couldn’t stay mad. I told her if she gave us good news we’d call it even.

She quickly proclaimed “there is the good looking heartbeat”. Baby R was also almost immediately in position to get the nuchal translucency measurement and I could see that it was going to be good. The sonographer pointed out the nasal bone (absence of a nasal bone is a marker for downs syndrome) and then took the measurement. It came back at 1.3 and anything under 3.0 is considered good!

Then she looked at the rest of the anatomy where she noted that everything looked normal for this point in pregnancy. She did find two fibroids and noted the adhesion that Dr. P. wanted to remove before this pregnancy. After the sonographer printed off some pictures and filed her report, the physician came in to review everything. She said the fibroids were small and do most of their growing in the first trimester. I had three with Bella’s pregnancy and their degeneration caused major pain so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for that again this time. She also said that the adhesion is far away from the baby and as the uterus grows it will only seem smaller and further away.

All in all, I was very happy with the results. I figured the fibroids would make another appearance so that wasn’t a surprise and thankfully the adhesion is far away from baby. I asked the sonographer if she wanted to make an unofficial gender guess and she said that they aren’t allowed…so so much for that!

I was so happy to watch Baby R bounce around the screen. Baby’s legs were crossed and arms were flapping around. Very hopeful that all continues to go well and we’ll meet this little person in May!

hand on the head!

Just so thankful for as Lance jokingly called it “three hours of relief”. But it has already been over four hours and I still feel happy. So yay!



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