22 months

22 months

Our big girl is getting so close to two years old!

It was a fun month developmentally. I hinted last month that she was trying to start stringing words together. Well she now has lots of two word phrases! It has made a big difference in her communication. Phrases include “sit mama/dada”, “hi mama/dada/popop/etc.”, “mama go”, “Titan sit”, “poop byepah (diaper)” and “night night dada”.

We also added a lot of new words this month: nose, go, boat, bird, outside, cheese, night night, tree, up, dirt, and kah (rock). She has also added some spanish to her vocabulary! She has started saying “agua” instead of “wawa” for water, “caca” for poop, although she still mostly says poop, “dos” for any sort of counting, and “aqui” for here (they emphasize that one a lot at school).

I actually didn’t even realize how many words she added until just looking at Lance’s list!

IMG_1648On the downside, this month we have also seen an increase in tantrums. They are usually solved pretty quickly if you ignore her, but this is the part of toddlerhood that isn’t so much fun. The tantrum pictured below was because she didn’t want to get dressed in the morning (although the tantrum took place after she’d finished getting dressed!)

IMG_5007She is starting to look so grown up and I’m feeling like we are transitioning fully into a toddler. I’m looking forward to a fun holiday season where she is more aware of everything that is going on.

IMG_5045What happened to my baby?


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