On track

IMG_5011.JPGToday I am 9 weeks and 1 day and I had my first ultrasound back at the OB’s office. I met with Connie, the nurse practitioner that does most of the scheduled ultrasounds at my practice. The last two times I’ve seen her, she has delivered bad news, so when she walked in she said that she was excited to see me back. She also said that the RE’s office sprinkles magic dust on the babies so that she was confident we’d get good news.

The entire ultrasound was maybe 30 seconds. A little quicker than I’d like but she basically just said “looks good” and “there’s the heart beat”. She then measured baby at 9 weeks 1 day (right on track) and the heartbeat at 180, which she said was likely higher since baby was in the middle of squirming around. She then briefly let me listen to the heartbeat and that was it!

She took me over to the next room where one of the nurses brought me a packet of information. The nurse knew that this was her fourth time giving me the packet, so she didn’t even go through it and just asked if I had any questions. I verified that they would monitor my thyroid there and she said yes.

Then I got a flu shot and some bloodwork and scheduled my NT scan and was on my way!

So now I go for about 10 days until November 3rd when we have our first appointment with the OB. I purposely picked one of our favorites and one of the more experienced ones (the only male in the practice who happened to stop my preterm labor at 26 weeks) so that if all is still going well we can start asking questions about preterm labor and come up with a plan to monitor my thyroid. Then the NT scan would be the following week on November 12th.

Just hoping all continues to go well and that we can make it to these appointments!


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