9 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a grape!

Weight: We will find out the damage tomorrow.

Sleep: Sleep had been going pretty well minus the frequent pee breaks, but last night was awful. Had trouble falling asleep and then spent several hours in the middle of the night semi-conscious as my legs started to ache really badly.

Best Moment of the Week: Had a perfectly calm and easy weekend at home with Lance and Bella. Sometimes you just need a weekend to relax!

Movement: Still a while away.

Symptoms: The nausea is really ebbing and flowing between vomiting and feeling totally fine. I dry heaved first thing this morning and then have barely felt sick since then. I’m definitely getting hungrier. Also experiencing gas, bloating, achy legs, and all of those other fun things.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Vomited after smelling the eggs Lance cooked on Saturday. Last night I was craving baked goods but I didn’t have any. Time to bake another batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: My motivation. There is still so much to be done in decorating our new home and all I want to do at night after Bella goes to bed is lay on the couch. This lack of motivation has also impacted my cleaning routine and the house is just feeling dirty.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Ladies night tonight at a local fondue restaurant. Tomorrow’s ultrasound (praying all looks good). Painting pumpkins and eating pizza with our neighbors tomorrow evening. This is such a fun time of year and I’m just hoping that I don’t get bad news that makes everything come crashing down.


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