Still beating

We are back from St. John. The trip was a great distraction from all of my pregnancy anxiety and fears. But then this morning, at 5 am, the terror all struck at once. I’d been feeling so positive with the nausea over the past few days and then I remembered that I’ve felt positive about things before and been blindsided.

So I was a nervous wreck as usual heading into my appointment today. The wonderful fellow at the RE’s office who did my last two ultrasounds did this one as well. She immediately pulled it up and right away I could see that the baby was bigger than at 6 weeks. I didn’t see a clear flicker but she did and said so right away. She then played it for me and it was beautiful at 164 bpm.

Baby measured 7 weeks and 6 days. I think I’m 7 weeks 5 days and by their count that I don’t understand I’m 7 weeks 3 days, so the measurement is right on. I’d had this big fear of measuring a few days behind and being stuck in limbo so this was a huge relief.

Anyway, here is Baby R!

7 weeks 5 days (measuring 7 weeks 6 days)

7 weeks 5 days (measuring 7 weeks 6 days)

After the ultrasound they ran a thyroid panel (which will be done every 4 weeks throughout pregnancy) and re-checked my progesterone at my request. We’ll see how those results go and if they need to increase my synthroid.

This is a huge relief getting past the two consecutive losses from this spring and summer. The loss before Bella was after 9 weeks and that baby also measured ahead with a strong heart beat, so I definitely don’t feel out of the woods just yet. But for today I’m happy and can at least breathe easy for a little while.


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