7 weeks

We are halfway through our vacation and having a blast! Bella has had some sleep issues but slept through the night last night.

This island is so gorgeous and has been a lovely distraction from the constant fear and anxiety.

Size of Baby: blueberry

Weight: Bloated. But no scales in paradise!

Sleep: Sleeping well. Waking 1-2 times per night.

Best Moment of the Week: Ultrasound number two showing a nice heartbeat!

Movement: Nope.

Symptoms: The nausea has lessened from early last week. Now I feel queasy for a very short amount of time daily. Probably around 15 minutes total each day. Definitely worrisome but at least it is still there a little. Also, the brown discharge went away on Saturday and then returned yesterday. Also worrisome but at least it is no more than it was before.

Food Cravings/Aversions: We had some local BBQ chicken and ribs yesterday and I could only stomach a bit of it.

Belly Button: In.

What I Miss: Physical exertion on this trip. I have been trying to take it easy so we are skipping all of the longer hikes.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Hoping for perfect growth and a strong heartbeat at our appointment on Monday.


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